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Full text of "The genealogy of the descendants of Richard Haven, of Lynn, Massachusetts, who emigrated from England about two hundred years ago; among whom through his sons John, Nathaniel, and Moses, of Framingham, are all the graduates of that name at Cambridge, Dartmouth, Providence, and Amherst"

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That, which, hath been, is now ; and that, which is to be, hath already been. 

There is no remembrance of former things 5 neither shall there be any remembrance of things that 
ith those that shall come after. 

mi pnsseth away, and another cometh ; but the earth abideth forever. 
















That, which hath been, is now ; and that, which is to be, hath already been. 

There is no remembrance of former tilings ; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that 
are to come, with those that shall come after. 

One generation passeth away, and another cometh ; but the earth abideth forever. 



. * 


The public, generally, can take but little interest in the following pages. 
They are intended principally for the use of the descendants of RICH- 
ARD HAVEN of Lynn, Mass., who came from England, about two hun- 
dred years ago. To them they are respectfully offered, as containing 
some account of their ancestry, and collateral kindred, which may be inter- 
esting to most of them, and which they might not otherwise have obtained. 

The town and church records of Lynn, Framingharn, Hopkinton, Hol- 
liston and Sherburne, and the Registries of Probate, and of Deeds, at Cam- 
bridge, have been principally relied on. And much assistance has been 
derived by comparing these with the recollections of aged persons, and 
by examining ancient papers, and the inscriptions on tomb-stones. For 
the full account of the Portsmouth branch, the reader is indebted to the 
kindness of Mr. Horace A. Haven, a distinguished graduate, at Cambridge, 
in the class of 1842, whose recent death has extinguised the fond and just 
hopes of his numerous friends. 

The research has been extended much beyond what was, at first, con- 
templated, or was deemed practicable. And, after all, there are several 
branches, that have not been traced, and others but imperfectly. This has 
been owing sometimes to the impossibility, and sometimes to the difficulty 
and trouble of pursuing the inquiry ; and sometimes also to the indiffer- 
ence, procrastination, and neglect of persons at a distance, to whom letters 
have been addressed, asking for information.* 

The Author began with little knowledge of his ancestors beyond his 
grand parents. The first inducement to look further was a statement, in 

*To give a specimen, I wrote to an elderly gentleman, asking some account of 
his branch. He answered promptly that a worse source of information could not 
have been sought ; that he never knew before that he had any ancestors beyond 
his grand parents ; but that he distinctly remembered his uncle John's girls, and, to 
speak poetically, they were Oily, and Anna, and Polly, and Fanny ; that he had 
asked his brother John about the matter, who said he had a letter from me, some 
two years before, asking the same information ; and that he supposed John would 
answer, when he should have had a reasonable time to think of it. 


Farmer's Genealogical Register, that " JOSEPH, the eldest son of 
RICHARD HAVEN of Lynn, was one of the Jirst settlers in Fram- 
ingham, and was the Grandfather of the Rev. SAMUEL HAVEN, D. D. 
of Portsmouth" The same, in substance, had been stated in Lewis' 
History of Lynn. Knowing that his Grandmother Stone was a sister of 
Dr. Haven, he began searching the records of Framingham, and the other 
towns, for the names of JOSEPH Haven, and his descendants. Two of that 
name were found ; one of whom was the father, and the other the mater- 
nal uncle of Dr. Haven. After much perplexity, and fruitless conjecture, 
there was no reason to believe that JOSEPH Haven, the son of Richard, ever 
came to Framingham ; no mention being made of him after his birth, at 
Lynn, in 1649. In the search, however, it was ascertained, beyond doubt, 
that three of his brothers, viz : JOHN, NATHANIEL and MOSES, 
settled in Framingham ; that JOHN and MOSES were the two Grand- 
fathers of Dr. Haven ; and, that HANNAH HICHINS and MARY BAL- 
LORD, of Lynn, were his two Grandmothers ; which is his full allowance, 
whatever may have become of Joseph. 

The tomb-stone of Joseph H. Esq. of Framingham, the father of Dr. H., 
shows that he was sixteen years old in 1714 ; and the Probate Records, 
of that year, show that a guardian was appointed over " JOSEPH HAVEN, 
aged 16, son of the late JOHN HAVEN, of Framingham" There is 
much other evidence, ALL tending the same way. Among other things, it 
will be seen that Joseph is the only son of Richard Haven, not mentioned 
in his will. 

Whether the method, which has been adopted, be original is unknown 
to the author ; he having never seen an attempt to trace both sexes through 
so many generations. It was found difficult to pursue any single branch, 
without referring to a subsequent page, for a continuation. The next gen- 
eration will there be found. The reader may follow the references to the 
succeeding generations, or proceed with the collaterals, as may be most 
interesting to him. Such references, however, have been often dispensed 
with ; mostly where the generations were few, and the numbers of each 

The small figures, placed after a name, denote the degree, or remove 
from Richard, the common ancester. Thus, John 1 , Joseph 2 , Samuel 3 , D. 
D., Nathaniel Appleton 4 , Nathaniel Appleton 5 . To prevent confusion, and 
to enable the reader more easily to distinguish with the eye, the heads of 
each branch are set in large capitals ; their children, with their husbands 
or wives, in small capitals ; and the grand-children in italics. 

In regard to the first and second generations, a disposition was felt to 
insert any facts, appearing on the records, though some of them may seem 


of little importance. They indicate something of the character and stand- 
ing of the ancestor ; arid, being all that his descendants may ever be able 
to learn, it has been judged best to insert them. As to the later genera- 
tions, it has been found both necessary and fitting to adopt a different 
course ; because no room could be found for the insertion of so many 
characters, and because all, of any consequence, are yet in the memory of 
the living ; to say nothing of the delicacy of discriminating among such 
a variety. of characters. 

Had the task been undertaken a few years sooner, before the decease of 
many aged persons, the account of the early generations might have been 
much more full. As it is, however, it may be deemed a benefit, by some 
of the descendants in future ages, that, by the assistance of the following 
pages, they can trace their descent from the first emigrant from England. 
Those of them, who shall take no interest in their ancestry, bending their 
whole energies to raise up other generations, will care nothing for this 
little book, or its author. But he has the proud consolation that they will 
have his testimony that they did not descend from him. 

The author has the satisfaction to believe that the two tables of the 
Graduates will be highly valued. They show, at a glance, all the gen- 
erations, between each graduate and the common ancestor. They have 
been compiled with great care, and are believed to be free from error. 

If errors should be found elsewhere, as doubtless there will be, they 
must be imputed partly to the intrinsic difficulty of obtaining truth from 
imperfect sources, and partly to that liability to error, which the author 
inherits in common with the race. Should he be charged with having done 
too little omitting many branches, and noticing others but imperfectly, 
he will balance the account, by claiming credit for having done so much. 





RICHARD HAVEN is said, by Lewis & Farmer, to have corne 
from the west of England, and to have settled at Lynn, Mass, 
in 1645, on a farm near Flax pond. He probably came a year 
sooner, as his first child was born there in February, 1645. 
Whether he took a wife in England, or found one here, is uncer- 
tain ; probably the latter. It is believed that one or more brothers 
came with him. Mrs. Frail, of Hopkinton, aged 88, says that 
her father, Benjamin Haven of Framingham, used to say that his 
great grand-father, Richard Haven, came from England with three 
brothers, each of whom had four sons. It is probable that the 
graduates of the name, at Yale College, descended from one or 
more brothers of Richard; viz. Nicoll Haven, 1753, and Jonathan 
N. Haven, 1777; and that Charles H. Havens, 1806, and Daniel 
W. Havens, 1843, are of the same stock, with a letter added to 
the name. John P. Haven, bookseller, N. York, in a letter to the 
late Horace A. Haven of Portsmouth, writes, that, "Jonathan N. 
Havens," (spelt Haven in the Col. Cat.) " was of another family, 
whose first ancestor in the country settled on the east end of 
Long Island, who, it is said, was a brother of Richard, and came 
over with him. That family spelt the name with an s." Presi- 
dent D wight says, " the county of Suffolk, L. I., was originally 
settled from New England. A considerable number of the col- 
onists were from Lynn." " The property of Shelter Island, prin- 
cipally, belongs to three 'families, Deering, Haven and Nicoll." 
(Dwight's Trav. Yol. 3, pp. 307 and 313.) In my researches I 
have not discovered any appearance of connexion, or even ac- 
quaintance, between the different branches. 

Little is known of the situation and character of Richard Haven, 
and nothing of his origin. There is a deed of 13 June, 1681, from 
John Wastol, of Saybrook, Conn, to the children of his " loving 


kinsman," Richard Haven of Lynn, carpenter; conveying 3000 
acres of land in Hebron, Conn., which he had by the will of 
Joshua Saohem; particularly 1000 acres thereof to John, son of 
said Richard. It is executed with the marks and seals of the 
grantor, and SUSANNA his wife, and recorded by the town clerk of 
Hebron, in 1718, book 1, page 173. It does not appear, by the 
records, that those lands were ever conveyed by any of the chil- 
dren. It does however appear, in book 2, page 93, that, in 1726, 
one Jonathan PAGE, as heir of Richard Haven, had 35 acres set off 
to him from " Haven's right, it being for land lost." This must 
have been a grandson of Richard Haven's son Richard. 

The Lynn Records show that children were born of RICH- 
ARD HAVEN, and SUSANNA his wife, as follows : 

HANNAH, 22 February ,-1645 ; MARY, 12 March, 1647; JOSEPH, 
22Feb'y. 1649; RICHARD, 25 May, 1651; SUSANNA, 24 April, 
1653; SARAH, 4 June, 1655 ; JOHN, 10 Dec. 1656; MARTHA, 16 
Feb'y, 1658, died 14 June 1659; SAMUEL, latter end of MAY, 
1660, died 1 Dec. 1660 ; JONATHAN, 18 Jan'y, 1662, died 3 July, 
1664; NATHANIEL, 30 June, 1664; MOSES, 20 May, 1667. 

The mother died at Lynn, 7 Feb'y, 1682. In 1692, it was 
" Voted that serjeant Haven," and seven others named, " should 
sit in the Pulpit." He made his will, 21 May, 1701, a copy of 
which is among the last pages. It was proved, 14 June, 1703. 

HANNAH HAVEN 1 married a GOODELL. She was a wid- 
ow at Lynn, at the date of her father's will, living in her own 
house, on her father's land. It appears, by the will, that she had 
then a daughter HANNAH, and one or more other children. On 
the 15 April, 1704, she was residing in Framingham, and John 
Haven indemnified the town against any charge for the support 
of " his sister Goodell arid child." 

MARY HAVEN and SUSANNA HAVEN 1 both married. One 
married JOHN TAR BOX, and probably left him a widower, with- 
out children. He is called a " son-in-law" in the will, and no wife, 
or children are mentioned. The other married a COGSWELL, 
and had a son WESTOLL, who is called a " grandson" in the will. 

JOSEPH HAVEN 1 is not alluded to in the will. All the other 
sons are expressly named. He must have died without children. 

RICHARD HAVEN 1 had a wife SUSANNA. The Lynn rec- 
ords only show that they had three children, viz : HANNAH, 10 
Aug. 1677; JOSEPH, 17 Aug. 1680; and SUSANNA, 1 Oct. 16S6. It 
appears, by the will of JOSEPH, made and proved in March, 1748-9, 
that he had a " sister, SARAH HAWKS ;" probably older than 
SUSANNA. HANNAH married JOHN PARKER, 18 July, 1693, then 
in her 16th year. It appears, by said Joseph's will, that they 
had Joseph, Sarah, Hannah, and Mary, and that the two last 
married and had children. JOSEPH appears to have been a bach- 
elor, of considerable property. By his will, he gives 75 to Joseph, 


son of his deceased sister, Hannah Parker ; 75 to the children 
of Hannah, a deceased daughter of said Hannah ; 75 to the 
children of Mary, another deceased daughter of said Hannah ; 
75 to Sarah a daughter of said Hannah ; 100 to his sister, 
Sarah Hawks of Lynn, widow ; 100 to his kinswoman, Sarah, 
wife of Benj. Grey ; 100 to his kinswoman, Hannah, wife of 
Jonathan Wait ; 50 to his housekeeper, Abigail Edmunds ; and 
to his Executors, Elkanah Hawks, and Jonathan Hawks, his 
" whole remaining estate." SUSANNA must have married a PAGE, 
and died, leaving Jonathan, the same before-mentioned as claim- 
ing lands in Hebron, as heir of his grandfather, Richard Haven. 1 
By the excellent index to the Lynn records, made by Mr. Lewis, 
it does not appear that the name of Haven was continued, in that 
town, beyond the children of Richard Haven, jr.; nor am I able to 
learn that any of the descendants of Richard Haven, senior, are 
now living in Lynn. The first had died before the date of his 
father's will. 

SARAH HA YEN 1 married a WHITNEY. She is called " my 
daughter, Sarah Whitney," in her father's will. Whether she had 
any children does not appear. 

JOHN HA YEN 1 married HANNAH HICHINS, at Lynn, 3 
Oct. 1682, by whom he had JOHN, born at Lynn, 8 June, 1683; 
ELKANAH, MARY and NATHAN, whose times and places of birth 
do not appear; JOSEPH, born at Fram., (then Sherburne,) in 1698, 
and HANNAH, in 1700, the year in which Fram. was incorporated. 
(See page 11J 

At the first town meeting, he was on a committee " to discourse 
with a lawyer." He was an original member of Mr. Swift's 
church, organized, 8 Oct. 1701. In the preceding May, he was on 
a committee to inquire as to the qualifications of Mr. Swift, and 
on another to give him a call. In July, 1701, he was on a com- 
mittee to settle differences with Sherburne. In 1702, he was on 
a committee to " seat the meeting-house," and was also selectman 
and Representative ; and was again Representative the next year. 
In May, 1704, the town voted to pay his attendance, " except Sun- 
days." After this, his name is not on the town records. The 
church records, before the 29 March, 1717, are lost. His widow, 
Hannah, took administration, 2 April, 1705. He had the addition 
of "joiner." Real estate, 160; personal, 226. One item is 
" sord and ivalking-stqff 6s." This staff, with his initials, is now 
possessed by John Haven Mixer, his great-great grandson, now 
living in VYorcester county, in the vicinity of Charlton. The 
widow, Hannah, married John How of Fram. July 1, 1712. 

NATHANIEL HAYEN 1 had ten children by his wife ELIZA- 
BETH ; born probably both before and after removing to Fram., 
where they are all recorded, on one page. MARTHA, 7 April, 1690; 
MOSES,! March, 1692; ELIZABETH, 11 Dec. 1693; MARCY, 26 


Jan'y, 1697; SUSANNA, 13 Feb. 1699; MORIAH, 4 Sept. 1701; 
EXPERIENCE, 23 April, 1703; NATHANIEL, 8 Sept. 1704; JEDE- 
DIAH, 23 Aug. 1706; JAMES, 4 March, 1710. (See p. 13.) The 
Lynn records show nothing of Nathaniel Haven, except his birth. 
He was a member of Mr. Swift's church in Fram., at its organiza- 
tion, in 1701; was surveyor in the same year; selectman in 
1706; constable in 1707 ; in 1708, he was " ordered to sit in that 
seat behind the table" as was also his brother Moses, in 1710. In 
1711, he was on committee to lay out a highway; was tything- 
man in 1723. In 1724, June 10, he married a second wife, HEP- 
SIBAH RUGG of Fram. He was on a com. to locate the rneet- 
ing-house in 1726 ; and nothing more appears of him till his death, 
at the age of 82 years, in 1746. His estate was not settled in the 
Probate office. 

MOSES HAVEN 1 had settled at Lynn, and had five children, 
at the date of his father's will, in May, 1701. He was nominated 
the Executor, and the will indicates that he was expected to re- 
main there. He did so until after his father's death in 1703, and 
was appointed Executor in June of that year. He must have re- 
moved to Fram. before 10 June, 1705, as his seventh child was 
born there on that day. He married MARY BALLORD of Lynn. 
Mrs. Sears, of Chatham, writes me that she was daughter of the 
great grandfather of William Ballord, senior, late of Fram., who 
married her sister, Anne Marshall. Farmer says there was a 
" William Ballord, of Lynn, in 1637; freeman, and member of Art. 
Co., in 1638 ; removed to Andover, and had sons, Joseph, William, 
and John, who settled there. There was a Nathaniel Ballord of 
Lynn, in 1650." He might have been the father, perhaps the 
brother, of MARY. Their children were born as follows : JO- 
SEPH, 8 Feb. 1689; SUSANNA, 20 Oct. 1690; RICHARD, 28 Jan. 
1693; MOSES, 11 Nov. 1695; MARY, 1 Oct. 1698; MEHITABEL, 
30 Jan. 1702, all at Lynn ; also, at Fram., SARAH, 10 June, 1705 ; 
and DANIEL, 16 June, 1708. (See p. 14.) He was on a com. to 
layout a highway, in 1709 ; selectman, in 1710; constable, in 1711 ; 
moderator and selectman, in 1712; on com. to seat the meeting-house 
in 1715; treasurer and moderator, in 1717; selectman, treasurer, 
constable and moderator, in 1718; treasurer and sealer of leath- 
er, in 1719; on com. to fill vacant seats in the meeting-house, in 
1720; on com. to hire schoolmaster in 1723; moderator, in 1725 ; on 
a com. to locate schools, in 1726; on com. to hire schoolmaster, in 
1727 ; selectman and moderator, in L728 ; moderator twice, in 1730, 
and was also on a com. to confer with Mr. Swift about his salary. 

The church records show that he was chosen Deacon, 29 March, 
1717; that he was a delegate to the ordination of Rev. Mr. Bar- 
rett, at Hopkinton, 2 Sept. 1724 ; March 21, 1725, " Deacon Haven 
spake that he should not hold forth the contribution box, because so 
few came to it" He married a second wife, ELIZABETH 
BRIDGES of Fram. ,27 Nov. 1735, and died, 14 Nov. 1747, aged 80. 


Jonathan Leland, Esq. of Sutton, who has furnished many in- 
teresting facts, writes me that he has seen his will, dated 1 July, 
1746, (which was cancelled) in which he names his sons, Joseph of 
Hop., Richard, Moses, Daniel; and his daughters, Susanna TOWN, 
Mary WARD, Mehitabel HAVEN, Sarah HEMENWAY, and his wife 
in the will. 

(Continued from page 9.) JOHN HA YEN 2 , son of John 1 , died, 
at Fram., on his father's place, in 1712, aged 29, unmarried. His 
u brother Elkanah " administered. His " mother, THREE broth- 
ers, and TWO sisters " shared his estate. 

ELKANAH HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, settled in Fram. 
His first wife was ABIAL BARBER, daughter of John Barber 
of Medfield, by whom he had MEHITABEL, 23 Aug. 1709; and 
ELIZABETH, 3 Feb. 1711. He married MARY WALKER, of 
Fram. 2 Dec. 1714; she died about 1716, soon after the birth of 
a son, JOHN. HE next married PATIENCE LELAND, of Sher- 
burne, 5 Feb. 1717, by whom he had SYBILLAH, in 1717, who 
died 19 Feb. 1749. SHE married SAMUEL EAMES, jr. of Fram., 
and had Patience, 6 Jan. 1740; Samuel, 1 Feb. 1742; Ebene- 
zer, \ Sept. 1744; Sybillah, 3 April, 1747; MICAH, 21 June, 
1719; ELKANAH, 21 July, 1721 ; and PATIENCE, 27 July, 1729. 
(See p. 16.) HE had a fourth wife, named LYDIA. He lived on 
the hill, south of the OLD Baptist meeting-house. He was consta- 
ble, in 1720; was on committees, in 1725, and 1726; selectman, in 
1730. He died suddenly in 1765. His son Dea. JOHN HAVEN, 
of Sutton, administered. His account is recorded, book 37, p. 

MARY HAVEN 2 , sister of the above, married a JOHNSON. 
Mrs. Sears remembers that she was called "Aunt Johnson." " Na- 
thaniel Johnson, and Mary Haven, married, 23 Nov. 1708." (Rec- 
ords of Sherburne.) It is believed that she left no children. " Na- 
thaniel Johnson, son of Nathaniel and Mary, died 21 July, 1733." 
(Fram. Records.) 

NATHAN HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, settled in Fram., and 
lived in the old Grout house, near Holliston. His wife's name 
was SILENCE, by whom he had SILENCE, 21 Dec. 1713; NA- 
THAN, 7 May, 1716 ; Lois, 4 Dec. 1721 ; PHINEHAS, 6 Oct. 1723 ; 
BULAH, 6 Nov. 1725 ; and ANNA, 12 May, 1731. His birth does 
not appear, but he was taxed in 1710. He was hog- reeve in 1724; 
on com. to defend title, in 1726; constable, in 1729; admitted to 
church, with his wife Silence, 15 June, 1718 ; both baptized the 
next sabbath ; will dated, 20 Sept. 1763; inventory returned, 9 
April 1764; recorded, book 39, p. 22; no children named in will ; 
property given to wife, SILENCE, and to grand children, Elisha, 
Silence, and Mehitabel Goddard, children of CAPT. ELISHA GOD- 
DARD of Sutton. The inventory contains a list of classical and lit- 


erary books, willed to young Elisha Goddard. They had probably 
belonged to his son Nathan, (Har. Col. 1737,) who died young. 
The other children had also died; all without children, except 
ANNA, who married CAPT. ELISHA GODDARD, of Pram., afterwards 
of Sutton, and had I. Elisha, 3 Dec. 1749, who died in 1771 , without 
children; 2. Silence, 18 Nov. 1752, who married Maj. Jonathan Hale, 
of Sutton. They afterwards lived some years in Pram., where he 
was Representative, in 1795; she died there, 15 Jan. 1800. He 
removed to Haverhill, N. H. Their children were Nathan, John, 
Susanna, Mary, who married Wm. Coolidge, Mehitabel and Nan- 
cy ; 3. Mehitabel, bom 17 July, 1755, married Hon. Benj. Heywood 
of Worcester, and had Mehitabel, who died, 18 June, 1839; Na- 
thaniel Moore, who married Caroline Sumner, of Boston, and died 
without issue, Oct. 1832 ; Bettj. P., born 24 April, 1792, (Dart. Col. 
1812,) physician, in Worcester. He married Nancy Greene, who 
died, 4 Aug. 1836; they had Benj., 16 July, 1821, (Har. Univ. 
1840;) Caroline, 7 Aug. 1823; Frederick, 30 June, 1825, now a 
Junior, at Dart. Col. ; John Green, born 24 May, 1828, died 10 
Feb. 1833. Dr. Heywood next married Elizabeth R. Green, and 
had Nathaniel M., 26 July, 1839, died an infant ; Nancy Green, 24 
Dec. 1840 ; John, 1 March, 1843. Benjamin and Mehitabel Hey- 
wood, also had Joseph in 1794 ; Lucy, who died, an infant, in Nov. 
1796; and Nancy, who died 30 Aug. 1814, aged 16. Their father 
died 6 Dec. 1816, aged 71. MRS. ANNA GODDARD, died in Oct. 
1756, aged 25. Her HUSBAND died 19 Jan. 1784, aged 64. 

JOSEPH HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, settled in Fram.; mar- 
ried his cousin, MEHITABEL, daughter of Moses 1 , 30 Nov. 1721. 
He had, by her, MEHITABEL, 29 Sept. 1722; ANNE, 1 April, 1725; 
SAMUEL, 4 Aug. 1727; MARY, 14 April, 1730; MARTHA, 19 Feb. 
1733 ; JOHN, 2 June, 1735 ; SYBILLAH, 18 April, 1738, who died 
young; DEBORAH, 11 Dec. 1740, who also died young; and SA- 
RAH, about 1742. (See p. 17.) He was on a com. to defend a title, 
and to defend a suit, in 1726; surveyor of highways, in 1732; se- 
lectman, in 1733 ; and on a corn., in same year, to defend Rev. Mr. 
Swift's complaint at court. He, and his wife, joined the church, 
June 9, 1723. He was a justice of the peace as soon as 1756 ; 
died 27 Feb. 1776, aged 78. His will is on file. In it, he liberates 
a slave, and orders plain gold rings to be made, with his name en- 
graved, for each of his grand children, being about 40. His wife 
died 25 Jan. 1780, aged 78. which agrees with her birth at Lynn. 
Both have tomb-stones in Fram, They lived near where Joel 
Coolidge lived, and lately died. 

HANNAH HAVEN 2 , sister of the above, married BENJAMIN 
BURNETT of Harvard. They lived in Hop., and had JOHN, 
MEHITABEL, HANNAH, SARAH and Lois. Mehitabel married a 
GOODELL, and lived in New-Braintree. The other three married 
late in life, and left no children. A letter, from Mrs. Sears, says, 


" They were all very intelligent women." John probably died 

(From p. 10.) MARTHA HAVEN 2 , eldest child of Nathaniel 1 , 
probably married her cousin Elder JOSEPH HAVEN. His 
wife's name was Martha. They were both born at Lynn, and 
must have been playmates there. They were separated, by the 
removal of Martha to Fram., and until Joseph removed there, some 
years after, aged about 16. Martha was one year younger; and 
it does not seem unnatural that, while recurring to the sports of 
childhood, they should bestow some thoughts on the future. 
" John, son of Joseph Haven and Martha his wife, born, Nov. 
30, 1711." (Fram. Records.) (See p. 14.) 

MOSES HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, lived in Fram., where 
Elijah H. Foster, his great, great grandson now lives. The house 
was burnt, and rebuilt, in 1736. He married SARAH BRIDGES 
of Fram. 14 April, 1720, and had BENJAMIN, 22 Jan. 1721 ; SA- 
RAH, bap. 12 Jan. 1724; SUSANNA, in 1725 ; MOSES, 3 May, 1728, 
died in 1750; ZERUIAH, 23 June, 1730; JESSE, 16 Nov. 1732; 
GIDEON, 10 March, 1734; Lois, in 1735, who died young; ZED- 
EKIAH, 10 Sept. 1737. (See p. 19.) The parents " covenanted " 
15 Jan. 1721. He was the sur. of highways, in 1726; sealer of 
leather, in 1728 ; his will was dated, 7 Aug. 1733 ; was proved, 19 
Sept. 1743; real estate, 2,519; his widow was called SUSAN- 
NA. " Moses Haven and Susanna Claflin married, 22 July, 1742." 
(Hop. Records.) 

MORIAH HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, was admitted to the 
church, 7 April, 1728 ; I find nothing more of him, nor of his sis- 

NATHANIEL HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, settled in Hop. 
By his wife HEPSIBAH, he had JOANNA, 11 May, 1725; NA- 
THANIEL, 6 Aug. 1726, died in 1755; JONATHAN, 29 April, 1728 ; 
EBENEZER, 25 Dec. 1729; ABRAHAM, 24 March, 1732; DAVID, 
14 June, 1734 ; HESIBAH, 7 June, 1736. (See p. 20.) He married 
a second wife,AB!GAIL, by whom he had CLARK, 4 Aug. 1744. He 
and his first wife owned the covenant, 28 March, 1725, and she was 
admitted to full communion, 21 May, 1727. He made a will, 24 Jan. 
1763, which was proved, 4 July, 1763. In it, he names HAN- 
NAH his wife, and his sons, JONATHAN, EBENEZER, ABRAHAM, 
DAVID and CLARK; also his daughters, JOANNA, wife of DANIEL 
HAVEN, 24 Aug. 1749, probably daughter of Zedekiah and Mir- 
iam, born 11 Dec. 1729. "Moses Gleason and Beulah Haven, 
both of Oxford, were married by Robert Goddard, Esq., of Sutton, 
23 May, 1760." 

JEDEDIAH HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, settled also in 
Hop. He was sur. of highways in 1738 ; on school corn, in 1755 ; 


on com. to hire masters in 1773. He had a wife MIRIAM, by 
whom he had AMARIAH, 29 Aug. 1732, who married JANE GOULD, 
3 Feb. 1757; HEZEKIAH, 1 Aug. 1734; MIRIAM, 29 March, 1737. 
HE married SARAH GOULD, in 1749, and had HANNAH, 12 
March, 1759. 

JAMES HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, lived in Fram., where 
James Greenwood afterwards lived. By his wife SARAH, he had 
JAMES, 24 Nov. 1729; JAMES, 18 Sept. 1731; SQ.UIRE, 24 June, 
1734, who married HANNAH BIXBY of Fram. ; ELIZABETH, 2 
Sept. 1736, who probably married ISAAC HEMENWAY of Fram. 
28 Nov. 1754, and had Sarah, 13 Sept. 1755; Abigail, 15 Sept. 
1757; James, 12 April, 1760; Isaac, 24 Oct. 1762; Sarah, 16 
March, 1765; Rebecca, 5 March, 1768; Esther, 25 Nov. 1771; 
REBECCA, 26 July, 1743. JAMES HAVEN, (or perhaps 
his SON above,) married MEHITABEL BIXBY of Fram. 16 
Nov. 1752, and had JAMES, 27 July, 1753 ; MEHITABEL, 23 Oct. 
1756; WILLIAM, 4 May, 1759; and SAMUEL, 4 Jan. 1762, who 
probably married DESIRE CLOYES in Aug. 1784. In May, 1746, 
James, Nathan, Joseph and John Haven, and three others, asked 
to be dismissed from Mr. Swift's church, and were refused. In 
Sept. 1746, they requested the church to call a council, which 
was also refused. In Nov. 1746, Lydia, Silence, Sarah, and three 
Mehitabei Havens asked to be recommended to Rev. Sol. Reed's 
church ; " considered disorderly" and referred to a committee. In 
April, 1747, eighteen women made the same request, and were re- 
fused. I have the following anecdote from the widow of Moses 
Fisk, aged 84. A committee of Mr. Swift's church waited on 
Mr. Reed, to inquire into his creed, and began by asking if he 
was a new light? He answered that he was an old light, new 
snuffed. Mr. Reed was the grandfather of Hon. John Reed, late 
member of Congress. 

(From p. 10.) JOSEPH HAVEN 2 , eldest child of Moses 1 , set- 
tled first in.Fram. His wife's name was MARTHA; probably the 
oldest child of his uncle Nathaniel. 1 (See p. 13.) By her he had 
JOHN, 30 Nov. 1711 ; JOSEPH, in '12; ELIAS, 16 April, '14; MARY, 

11 Feb. '16, died 6 May, '27 ; JOSIAH, 23 March, '20; MARTHA, 1 
March, '22 ; all born in Fram. Also, at Hop,, Lois, 6 April, 1724 ; 
ASA, 19 June, '26, died 25 Dec. '29; MARY, 30 July, '28; MOSES, 

12 March, "32; HANNAH, baptized 7 July, '34. (See p. 21.) He 
was selectman in Fram. in 1720 and '23; dismissed from the 
church inFram.," to found a church in Hop.," 30 Aug. '24; had 
removed to Hop. before March 25th preceding. On that day, the 
town accepted their act of incorporation, and he was chosen select- 
man ; was moderator in May, 1724; first selectman, and town clerk 
in '25, '26 arid '27 ; fence viewer only in '28 ; 3d selectman, and 
town clerk in '29 ; selectman, and town clerk in '31, 2, 3, 4 and 
5; assessor in '37; assessor, town clerk, and treasurer in '40, and 


'41. In 1748, with his son Joseph, he petitioned to attend the 
preaching of Rev. Solomon Reed in Fram., and was denied by the 
church; was moderator in 1752 ; treasurer in '54 and '55; over- 
seer of poor in '56; chosen deacon 17 Feb. '25; ruling elder 20 
June, '31 ; ordained in same office 14 June, '32. He married MRS. 
SUSANNA DRURY, of Fram., 5 Dec. 1760; made his will, 15 
Dec. '61 ; proved 26 Jan. '68 ; named in the will, wife, SUSANNA; 
also the children of ELIAS ; Moses Adams, son of Lois ; and Asa, 
Silas, James and Mary, children of son JOSIAH. He was a shoe- 
maker, and lived, (as did also his son Dea. Moses,) in a house still 
standing on the " Mellen road," near the house of Col. Ellis. His 
aged grandson, Isaac Haven of Hop., says he was a man of pleas- 
antry and humor, much more so than his son, Dea. Moses. 

SUSANNA HAVEN 2 , sister of the above, married ISRAEL 
TOWN, of Oxford. They had SUSANNA in 1715, who married 
her 2d cousin, Dea. JOHN HAVEN of Sutton ; (See p. 16.) JOSEPH, 
who died young; MOSES, who settled in Oxford; ELIJAH, who 
died without chil. ; ISRAEL, who removed with \\isfamily, includ- 
ing his aged MOTHER, from Oxford to Belchertowri, where she 
died, in Jan. or Feb. 1787, aged 96. HE also died there lately, at a 
very advanced age. Israel Town, Esq., of Belchertown, is be- 
lieved to be his great grandson. There were also TWO DAUGHTERS, 
names unknown. ONE married a LARNED, of Oxford, and died 
there, aged over 100. Her eldest son lately died, at a very advanc- 
ed age. Susanna Larned, of Webster, a descendant of hers, mar- 
ried Rev. Geo. Champion, of Conn., a missionary in Africa. The 
OTHER DAUGHTER married a KINGSBURY of Oxford. 

RICHARD HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, settled in Fram. 
By his wife, LYDIA, he had LYDIA, 10 Feb. 1715 ; HANNAH, 10 
June, 1716 ; MARY and SARAH, 5 June, 1718 ; SARAH, died 10 July, 
1718; SARAH, 11 Sept. 1719; RICHARD, 16 Dec. 1722; ELIZA- 
BETH, 24 May, 1724 ; JOHN, 7 May, 1726; REBECCA, 26 April, 
1728, died young ; DANIEL, 1 Feb. 1730 ; JONATHAN, 3 May, 1732 ; 
SIMON, 5 March, 1734, died 14 April, 1734; ELIAS, 19 Feb. 1735, 
died 2 July, 1735 ; SIMON, birth unknown. (See p. 23.) He was 
hogreeve in 1721; surveyor of highways and fence viewer, and 
on com. on school-house in 1724; on com. to get title to land for 
meeting house in 1725; on com. to manage dispute with Col. 
Buckminster in 1726; on com. to defend Rev. Mr. Swift's com- 
plaint, at Court, in 1733; admitted to full communion, with his 
wife, in 1717. 

MOSES HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, settled in Fram. He 
married HANNAH WALKER of Fram. 9 Nov. 1721 ; both admit- 
ted to full communion, 30 June, 1723. Their children were ABI- 
GAIL, 31 Jan. 1724; ISAAC, 15 April, '26; HANNAH, 20 May, '28; 
DAVID, 28 May, '31 ; JASON, 2 March, '33 ; ABIGAIL, 9 June, '39, 
who married John Richardson of Franklin. (Seep. 24.) The 


mother died, 22 Feb. '49. The 2d wife, ANNA, died 12 Feb. '78. 
He was the successor of his father, as Deacon, for many years, 
and died 29 March, '78, aged 83. (See tomb-stones in Pram.) 

MARY HAVEN 2 , sister of the above, is named, in her father's 
will, as " MARY WARD ;" which is all that I have learned of 

MEHITABEL HAVEN 2 , sister of the above, married her cou- 
sin JOSEPH 2 , son of John 1 . (See p. 12.) 

SARAH HAVEN 2 , sister of the above, married RALPH HEM- 
ENWAY, of Fram. 2 Feb. 1727, and had RALPH, 30 Nov. '27 ; 
JOHN, 22 May, '30; BENJAMIN, 26 Oct. '32; MOSES in '34; SA- 
RAH, REBECCA, SILAS, JONATHAN and SOLOMON; the two last set- 
tled in Rutland. The first, RALPH, married LYDIA TROWBRIDGE 
of Fram., 7 Jan. '52, and had Abijah, John and William ; the first 
left two sons Abijah and Martin, both having families. (See p. 25.) 

DANIEL HAVEN 2 , brother of the above, had a wife, MEHIT- 
ABEL. They settled in Fram., where she died. He removed to 
Dover, Mass., aged 73, and died there, aged about 80. They had 
ABIAL, 1 July, 1732 ; MEHITABEL, 8 Aug. '34 ; EBENEZER, 15 Apl. 
'37, who went to the South, young, and never returned; DANIEL, 
15 July, '39, who married an ELLIS of Dedham, and died young, 
without children ; ASA, 27 May, '42, and NATHAN, 7 May, '45, 
who settled in what is now Sandisfield, Mass., and had a son, and 
seven daughters. (See p. 26; see also next below.) 

(From p. 11.) MEHITABEL HAVEN 3 , daughter of Elkanah 2 , 
son of John 1 , probably married her father's cousin, DANIEL 
HAVEN. (See next above.} She would be likely to call her first 
child ABIAL, for her deceased mother, whom she might well re- 
member, as she was in her sixth year when her father married his 
second wife. They were nearly of an age, he being the young- 
est child of Moses 1 , and she the eldest of Elkanah 2 . 

JOHN HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, by 2d wife, settled first 
in Fram. ; removed to Oxford in 1750, arid to Sutton in '51, where 
he died in July, '84, aged 68. He was Deacon of the first church 
in Sutton. He married his 2d cousin, SUSANNA TOWN, daugh- 
ter of Susanna 2 , daughter of Moses Haven 1 , by whom he had elev- 
en children, viz; 1. TIMOTHY, 22 Nov. 1740, who died, aged 14. 
2. RUTH, 21 Nov. '42, who married BARTHOLOMEW HUTCHINSON of 
Sutton, and died 5 Sept. '96, leaving six sons, and four daughters, 
who are in Mass. Maine, and Vt. 3. Lois, 29 May, '45. (See p. 27 J 
4. SUSANNA, 31 July, '47, who removed from Sutton to Oxford in 
1838, where she died, unmarried. 5. MARY, 16 Feb. '50, who lived 
with her sister Susanna, in Sutton, and died, unmarried, 25 July, 
1834. The above five were born at Fram.; the six following at 
Sutton. 6. THADDEUS, about '53, died in infancy. 7. LYDIA, 8 June, 
'55, who married Gen. BENJ. HovEYof Oxford, Mass., afterwards 
of Oxford, N. Y., where she died in March, 1827. Her children 



are living in N. Y. State. Her eldest daughter married Hon. 
Uriah Tracy, M. C. 8. JOHN, bom 24 Oct. 1756, died young. 

9. AZUBAH, 25 Feb. 1758, who married EZRA MIXER of Sutton, 
removed to Charlton, where she died, March, 1816. They had 
three sons, and a daughter. The eldest, Rufus Mixer, Esq., is 
living in Charlton, and the others in that vicinity. The young- 
est, John Haven Mixer, has the antique walking staff of his 
ancestor, John Haven 1 , with his initials thereon. 10. KEZIA, 17 
Nov. 1759. 11. JOHN, 15 Dec. 1762, who lived in Sutton with 
his two maiden sisters, SUSANNA and MARY, and died, unmarried, in 
1815. Their mother, SUSANNAH HAVEN, who lived with 
them, died in Oct. 1806, aged 91. 

SYBILLAH HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, by 3d wife, mar- 
ried SAMUEL EAMES Jr., of Fram. 11 Jan. 1739, and had 
PATIENCE, 6 Jan. 1740 ; SAMUEL, 1 Feb. 1742 ; EBENEZER, 1 
Sept. 1744; SYBILLAH, 3 April, 1747. 

M1CAH HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, settled in Fram. He 
married MARY EAMES of Fram., 16 Jan. 1744. He died in 
MARY. The widow was their guardian. He had the addition of 
"trader," in 1752. 

ELKANAH HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, settled in Fram., 
and lived in a house, which stood a little west of the South burial 
place. He married his 2d cousin, HEPZIBAH HAVEN, daugh- 
ter of Nathaniel Haven 2 of Hop. 27 Feb. 1752 ; by her he had, 
1. TIMOTHY. 2. SUBMIT, who married ZEPHANIAH DAVIS of Ches- 
terfield, N. H., and left children. 3. EBENEZER, now living in 
Lancaster, Mass., having had two sons, and one daughter. 4. 
HEPZIBAH. 5. MICAH, who was accidentally killed, leaving a 
wife only. 6. CHLOE, who married JOSEPH BARBER of Medway, 
and left 4 or 5 children. 7. AARON, who died, unmarried. 8. 
NATHAN. 9. JOHN, who went to Canada young, and unmarried. 

10. NANCY, who married NATHAN PERRY of Worcester, and had 
children. 11. SYBIL, who married JONATHAN CURTIS of Charlton, 
removed to N. Y. State, and left children. 12. ELKANAH, now 
living in Leicester. (See p. 27.) 

PATIENCE HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, lived in Fram. to 
an advanced age, and died, unmarried. 

(From p. 12.) MEHITABEL HAVEN 3 , daughter of Joseph 2 
and Mehitabel 2 , son and daughter of John 1 and Moses 1 , married 
EBENEZER MARSHALL of Fram., 11 Feb. 1748, by whom 
she had ANNE, 19 Dec. 1748 ; MEHITABEL, 27 Oct. 1758 ; GIL- 
BERT, 26 Dec. 1760. (See p. 28.) She died, 19 Feb. 1776, 
aged 53. Her husband died, 15 Nov. 1802, aged 81. He had 


married Mrs. DIXON of Boston, about 1777 ; Mrs. ESTHER 
FISK of Fram. 1781 ; and Mrs. MARY HAYEN, the wid. of 
ISAAC HAVEN of Fram., in 1783. 

ANNE HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married Hon. JOSIAH 
STONE of Fram., 25 Feb. 1747, by whom she had BULAH, 22 
Nov. 1747, who died 7 May, 1752; ABIGAIL, 11 Nov. 1749; 
LUCY, 11 April, 1752, died an infant; LUTHER, 11 April, 1753 ; 
JOSIAH, 22 Feb. 1762; MICAH and ANNE, 30 May, 1766; Anne 
died in infancy. (See p. 29.) Mrs. Stone died 20 May, 1819, 
aged 94. Her husband fell from his saw-mill into the river, 12 
April, 1785, and was killed, aged 60. 

SAMUEL HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, married MEHIT- 
ABEL APPLETON, daughter of the Rev. Dr. A. of Cambridge, 
in Jan. 1753 ; she died Sept. 9, 1777, aged 49. By her he had 
SAMUEL, 4 Aug. 1754; JOSEPH, 11 Dec. 1757; MARGARET, 24 
Aug. 1759, and MEHITABEL, 27 May, 1761, who both died young ; 
NATHANIEL APPLETON, 19 July, 1762; ELIZABETH, 2 July, 1764 ; 
JOHN, 8 April, 1766; HENRY, 30 June, 1768; WILLIAM, 30 July, 
1770 ; also TWO OTHERS, who died in infancy. For his 2d wife, 
he married Mrs. MARGARET MARSHALL, wid. of Capt. Wil- 
liam M. of Portsmouth, 2 June, 1778. She died 4 March, 1806, 
aged 60. By her, he had JOSHUA, 2 April, 1779 ; GEORGE, in 
March, 1781, who died at Havre, in 1795; THOMAS, 2 March, 
1783 ; MEHITABEL, 24 April, 1785 ; CHARLES CHAUNCEY. in Aug. 
1787 ; MARY, in Aug. 1789. (See p. 32.) 

This eminent man graduated at Har. Univ. in 1749; was or- 
dained over the South Parish in Portsmouth, 6 May, 1752 ; re- 
ceived degree of D. D., from Univ. of Edinburgh, in 1772, and, 
from Dart. Col., in 1773. He discharged his parochial duties, (hav- 
ing a colleague from 1799,) till 1803, when the infirmities of age 
compelled him to retire. He died, 3 March, 1806. His wife 
survived but 36 -hours, and they were interred together. For a 
sketch of Dr. Haven's character, and a list of his published ser- 
mons, see Allen's Biog. Dictionary. 

MARY HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married JOHN NICH- 
OLS of Upton, 17 July, 1751, by whom she had ABIGAIL, in 
1755 ; MARY, in 1757. She next married JONATHAN LOCKE 
of Hop., 2 Oct. 1761, by whom she had SAMUEL, who died in in- 
fancy ; JOHN, 14 Feb. 1764; SALLY, 9 April, 1766. They then 
made several removals, but soon settled in Ashby, where he was 
a magistrate, and where he and his wife died at an advanced age. 
They also had HITTY in 1768 : ELIZABETH in 1770 ; JOSEPH in 
1772 ; and NANCY in 1774. (See p. 35.) 

MARTHA HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married Dea. SIMEON 


DEARBORN. They settled in Greenland, N. H., and had BENJA- 
MIN, LEVI, LUTHER and SALLY, who married, and had one or more 
children. After his death, she removed, with her three sons, to 
Wakefield. LUTHER was a trader ; LEVI was a magistrate, and 
removed to Rochester N. H., and died there in 1802. The sons 
all married, and had children The mother was living in her 
own house in Wakefield, with her son BENJAMIN, in 1800 ; so says 
an old letter of the Rev. Asa Piper, who was " the Vicar of 
Wakefield." SHE was still living in 1807. 

JOHN HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, (Har. Univ. 1757,) 
married ANNA STONE, daughter of Dea. Daniel S. of Fram., 
by whom he had OLIVE, 16 May, 1760; ANNA, 12 March, 1763 ; 
POLLY, 14 July, 1767 ; FANNY, 3 Sept. 1770, who married Rev. JO- 
SEPH WILLARD of Wilbraham, (Har. Uriiv. 1784;) JOHN, 11 Sept. 
1773, who died young ; and SALLY, who married a BORDMAN, and 
had children. JOHN HAVEN was a schoolmaster, some years, in 
Mass., and removed to Greenland, Exeter, and finally to Lancaster, 
N. H., where he and his wife were both living, in 1807. 

SARAH HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married JOSEPH 
BIXBY, and settled in Fram., in the house, now owned by Chas. 
Hosmer. They had SALLY, 14 Feb. 1767; JOSEPH in Nov. 1768 ; 
JOSIAH in June, 1770 ; PATTY, 18 Aug. 1772 ; HITTY, 25 April, 
1775; LUKE, 25 Oct. 1777; NANCY, 22 Feb. 1780. Mr. Bixby 
died in middle life, leaving all the above children. The mother 
outlived them all. She managed the farm in Fram. many years, 
and removed to Sharon, where she died about 1815, aged about 
73. (Seep. 37.) 

(From p. 13.) BENJAMIN HAVEN 3 , son of Moses 2 , son of 
Nathaniel 1 , married RUTH GLEASON, lived on the paternal 
estate, and died, 18 May, 1796. His widow died 16 May, 1816. 
They had SARAH, 31 July, 1746; RUTH, 21 Oct. 1750, who mar- 
ried a GOULD ; AZUBAH, 21 July, 1753 ; ZERUIAH, 5 Feb. 1755 ; 
and SUSANNA, 8 Aug. 1757, who married JOHN LAMB of Fram., 
16 March, 1779, and settled in Phillipstown, Mass. She is living 
there, a widow. (See p. 37.) 

SARAH HAVEN3, s i ste r of the above, married JOSEPH 
FRAIL, of Hop. 3 Aug. 1749, by whom she had SARAH, 
baptised 9 June, 1751; JOSEPH, bap. 21 Jan. 1753; SAMUEL, 
bap. 12 Oct. 1755; ELIZABETH, bap. 21 Oct. 1759; MARY, bap. 
6 April, 1760. SAMUEL married MARTHA GREENWOOD, of Fram., 
by whom he had Isaac, now living in Hopkinton. JOSEPH 
married a widow, his cousin, ZERUIAH ALLARD. (See p. 38.) 

SUSANNA HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married JASON RICE, 
of Hop., 14 Feb. 1751- 


JESSE HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, settled in Fram., 
where his grandson, Joseph Haven, now lives. He married 
JEMIMA FOSTER, of Fram., 22 Jan., 1755 ; by whom he had 
EZRA, 19 Dec. 1755 ; and MITTY, Aug. 16, 1757, who died young. 
He died 11 Jan., 1816, aged 81. (See page 38.) 

GIDEON HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, was Deacon of the 
chh. in Fram. He married COMFORT PIKE, daughter of 
Moses P., 23 Dec. 1757, and had JOTHAM, 1 Oct. 1758 ; SA- 
RAH, 30 Sept. 1760; MARY, 1 Aug. 1763, who died unmarried; 
MOSES P., 14 Nov. 1765; NATHAN, 19 Nov. 1767; ZEDEKIAH, 
3 March, 1770 ; JESSE, 1 April, 1772 ; ELIZABETH, 16 April, 1778 ; 
RELIEF, 30 Aug. 1780. He died in Dec. 1829, aged 96. (See 
p. 39.) 

ZEDEKIAH HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, settled in Hop. 
He married MEHITABEL HARDING of Fram., 16 Jan. 1783, 
and had ASA, now living in Hop., who married RUTH FRAIL of 
Hop., and, for a second wife, a ROCKWOOD ; EXPERIENCE, who 
married JOSEPH FRAIL, of Hop. For a second wife, HE married 
ABIGAIL, the widow of his cousin, David Haven, of Natick. 
(See next below.) 

(From p. 13.) DAVID HAVEN 3 , son of Nathaniel 2 , son of Na- 
thaniel 1 , married ABIGAIL PRENTISS, of Sherb., 3 April, 1761. 
He was then of Hop., but, after five or six years, removed to Natick, 
and died there, 5 Sept. 1805, aged 71. His widow married Zede- 
kiah Haven, of Hop., whom she survived many years, and died 
in Oct. 1837, aged 92. The children (all by the first husband) 
were, 1. ASENATH, born in 1762. (See p. 40.) 2. ANN, who 
married THOMAS RIDER of Natick ; they removed to Le Roy, 
N. Y., and have many children, and grandchildren. 3. ABIGAIL, 
who married JEREMIAH LELAND, of Sherburne, removed to Sul- 
livan, N. H., and had Elizabeth, who married Rev. Mr. Peabody, 
late of Sullivan, and also one other daughter and three sons. 
4. HEPSIBETH, who married Jesse Morse, of Natick, had two chil- 
dren, and is now a widow. 5. DAVID, who married 

COOLIDGE, daughter of Isaac C., of Natick ; they removed to 
Brownville, N. Y., and had several sons and daughters ; HE is 
living in Indiana. 6. NATHANIEL, who married MARY COOLIDGE, 
sister of the above ; they live at Brownville, N. Y., and have had 
six or seven children. 7. MARY, who married JOHN MASON, of 
Sullivan, N. H. ; they settled in Lancaster, N. H., where she lives, 
a widow, with her eldest son, John. They had also, Oren, two 
daughters, and David Haven, (Dart. Col. 1840), a lawyer, in 
Boston. 8. CALVIN, 7 March, 1784, married SARAH LINCOLN, a 
native of Hingham, Dec. 1815; they live in Boston, and have 


Elizabeth, who married Rev. Edward Abiel Stevens, (Brown 
Univ. 1833), a Bap. missionary in the Birman Empire ; also 
Sarah L., Emma L., and Calvin. 9. LUTHER, now at Wal- 
tham, married LYDIA BACON, daughter of Capt. David Bacon, of 
Natick, and had Rebecca, who married Asahel Allen, of Lancas- 
ter, N. H. ; Sarah L., who married Wm. Benjamin, of Boston, 
and had Charles Henry, whose name has been changed from 
Benjamin to Haven ; She next married Eliab Leach, of Boston, 
and has Sarah Elizabeth, and Abby Louisa ; Edith, who married 
Anthony L. Sawyer, of Lancaster, Mass. ; also David, of Wal- 
tham, and Luther, of Boston, both lately married ; and two other 
daughters, namely, Abigail and Maria. 

(From p. 14.) JOHN HAVEN 3 , son of Joseph 2 , son of Mo- 
ses 1 , joined the church in Hop. in Feb., 1730. He settled in 
Hoi. He married MARY BOLLARD of that place, by whom 
he had MARY, 5 Dec. 1732, who died 1 Oct. 1809. SHE marrried 
JOHN STONE, Esq., of Hoi., and had Sarah, now the widow of 
John Bent of Fram. By him she had John, deceased ; Martha, 
the widow of Isaac Dench ; and Sally, the widow of Capt. John 
Hemenway, both living in Frarn., having had children. ZERUIAH, 
18 Feb., 1736 ; married AARON PHIPPS of Hoi., and died 8 Dec., 
1780, leaving Sam' I, Aaron, John, Moses, Joseph, Wm. (Dea.), and 
Anna, who married Col. Abner Perry. ANNA, 12 Oct. 1737, 
died 30 Dec. 1753. JESSE, 3 March 1745, died 28 Dec. 1813. 
SARAH, 17 Dec. 1750, died 3 Jan. 1754. (See p. 41.) 

JOSEPH HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, joined the church 
in Hop. in 1738, a*nd was chosen Deacon. He married MIRIAM 
BAYLEY 29 Dec. 1737, by whom he had ELIAS, 28 Oct. 1738, 
who died 12 Jan. 1742 ; ELIAS, 18 June 1742; LYDIA, 25 Aug. 
1744; JOSEPH, 14 May 1747; NOAH, 17 June 1749; OBADIAH, 
24 July 1751; JOHN, 18 June 1753. (See p. 41.) He married 
Mrs. REBECCA CHICKERING, of Dedham, 2 March 1757. 
His first wife died 12 Oct. 1755. He was Selectman, Assessor, 
and Treasurer, in Hop. He removed to Dedham (now Dover) 
with his young family, where he was again chosen Deacon, and 
remained there till his death. 

ELIAS HAVEN 3 , brother of the above (Har. Univ. 1733), 
was dismissed from the church in Hop. 29 Oct. 1738, " to be a 
minister in Wreritham," now Franklin. He married MARY 
(MESSENGER ?) by whom he had THOMAS, (Har. Univ. 1765), 
ELIAS, WILLIAM, and MARY. The mother was a widow in June, 
1756, and made a will, in which she names her four children, and 
her brother Daniel Messenger. THOMAS married ANNA BIGLOW, 
of Weston, a sister of the late Abraham B., Esq. of Cambridge. 


He was ordained over the 3d church in Reading in 1770, and 
died 7 May, 1782, aged 39. His wife died 10 June, 1776, aged 
21. The following is an extract from the inscription on his 
tomb-stone, at Reading, written by the Rev. Dr. Cummings of 
Billerica : "A genius, unfettered by bigotry, improved by study, 
ennobled by religion and by an evangelical temper, and enlarged by 
the most diffusive benevolence, has taken its flight to its native 
country." Rev. ELIAS H. died of consumption, in 1754. 

JOS1AH HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, settled in Hopkin- 
ton; he married ESTHER STREETER 28 Feb. 1744; by 
whom he had ASA, SILAS, JAMES, and MARY. He became de- 
ranged, and his father was appointed his guardian. His children 
were all minors when he died. 

MARTHA HAVENs, sister of the above, married GEORGE 
CARYL of Hop. 17 Feb. 1738. They had MARTHA, 12 Nov. 1740, 
and probably Lois, who married ALEX. WHITNEY of Westborough, 
in July, 1776. SHE joined the church 30 July, 1738. My fa- 
ther often spoke of the kindness of his "Aunt Caryl " to him, 
after the death of his parents. 

LOIS HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married MOSES ADAMS 
of Holliston in Nov. 1744. Their only child was MOSES, born 
16 Oct. 1749, N. S. They settled in Fram., and lived in the 
house, afterwards owned by John Fisk, Esq. Her husband died 

23 July, 1756, aged 35 ; she then returned to Hop., rejoined the 
church there, had her son baptised, and died the same year, aged 
32. HE was the Rev. MOSES ADAMS of Acton (Har. Univ. 1771); 
was ordained 25 June 1777, and continued to preach till a few 
months before his death, 13 Oct. 1819. He was buried on the 
16th, which was the seventieth return of his birth day. HE 
married ABIGAIL STONE, daughter of Hon. Josiah Stone of Fram., 
by whom he had seven children. (See p. 29.) 

The reader will excuse the feelings which induce the insertion 
of the following extract from the inscription placed over his 
grave : 

" In his person, he was dignified and modest ; in his intellect, 
vigorous and sound ; in his heart, benevolent and devout. His 
preaching was plain and practical, and his example added greatly 
to its power. The scriptures were his study and delight ; and, 
while he exercised the Protestant right of expounding them for 
himself, his candor toward the sincere, who differed from him, 
was in the spirit of the Gospel. The good Being, whom he lov- 
ed with supreme devotion, was pleased to grant him many years 
of prosperity and gladness, and to add not a few of affliction and 
sorrow. The first, he enjoyed with moderation and gratitude ; 


and, in the last, he exhibited the power of Religion to sustain and 
comfort the practical Christian. To his people, and his family, 
he was ardently attached, and spent his life in exertions and pray- 
ers for their welfare ; and they have placed this inscription to 
testify their reverence for his character, and their love for his 

We cannot mourn thee, Venerable Shade ! 
Whom Virtue led in triumph to the skies, 
While following Sorrow halted at the tomb." 

MARY HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married THOMAS 
PIERCE, Jr. of Fram. 26 April, 1750 ; settled in Fram. but re- 
moved to Hop., and had MARY, bap. 4 Sept. 1768 ; MOSES HAVEN, 
bap. 15 March, 1771 ; no others recorded. 

MOSES HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, lived in Hop. in the 
house of his father ; was Deacon of the first Church ; married 
ABIGAIL MELLEN of Fram. in Sept. 1750. They had SAM- 
UEL, 9 Dec. 1751; ISAAC, 1 Nov. 1754; JOHN, 13 June, 1757, 
who was a trader in Hop. and in Hoi. ; MARY, 6 March, 1760, 
who married ABEL SMITH of Hop. ; MARTHA, bap. 15 May, 1763, 
who married JAMES WYER of Hop. ; SARAH, bap. 28 July, 1765, 
who married ZADOC BURNHAM of Hop. 13 Nov. 1783 ; ABIGAIL, 
bap. 18 Jan. 1769, who married JOHN RICHARDSON of Shrews- 
bury, 5 March, 17S9, where they still live ; WILLIAM, bap. 15 
March, 1771. Dea. Haven was constable in 1754; on school com. in 
1771 and 1775 ; on com. of safety in 1776, '77 and '81 ; select- 
man in 1773 and 1777; chosen Deacon in 1768, died 28 May, 
1808, aged 76; wife died 8 May, 1808, aged 73. (See p. 42.) 

HANNAH HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married STEPHEN 
ST1MSON of Hop. 8 Nov. 1753. They had ELIAS, bap. 1 
Sept. 1754 ; Lois, 24 Sept. 1758 ; JOHN, 10 Oct. 1760, \vhodied 
9 Sept. 1778; AARON, 2 Feb. 1763, died 9 May, 1786 ; MARTHA, 
6 May, 1765; BARNEY, bap. 5 June, 1768; HANNAH, 25 March, 
1773 ; NANCY, 20 March, 1776. 

(From p. 15.) LYDIA HAVEN 3 , daughter of Richard 2 , son 
of Moses 1 , married SETH BULLARD of Hoi, a widower, 18 
Oct. 1752. No children by her. 

HANNAH HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married ISAAC 
FISK of Fram. 11 Nov. 1736 ; they had ISAAC, HANNAH, JOHN, 
RICHARD, DANIEL, LYDIA, and MOSES. (See p. 43.) 

MARY HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married JOHN HILL of 
Sherburne, 17 Jan. 1740. No children are recorded as born in that 
town. There was another John Hill, whose wife's name was 
Ruth, who is said to be the ancestor of all of that name, now in 


SARAH HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married ISAAC HILL 
of Maiden, 29 Dec. 1743, who kept a good public house there. 
They had 1. CHARLES, who lived and died in the public house 
kept by his father ; his children were, Charles, Isaac, Benjamin 
Goodwin, Mary, Sally, Lydia and Martha ; 2. MERCY, who 
married SAMUEL WAIT, Jr., for many years deacon of the Baptist 
Church in Maiden ; 3. LYDIA, who married JACOB PARKER of 
Maiden ; 4. JOHN, who removed to a place unknown ; 5. SALLY, 
who married Capt. JOHN DEXTER of Maiden. The descendants 
of ISAAC and SARAH HILL are numerous and respectable. 
She survived him, and married JAMES KETTEL of Charles- 

ELIZABETH HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married EBEN- 
EZER BULLARD, of Hoi., a son of Seth B., by whom she had 
ELIZABETH, 6 April, 1759, who married her cousin MOSES FISK, 
of Fram., and is now his widow. (See p. 45.) 

JOHN, JONATHAN, and SIMON HAVEN 3 , brothers of the 
above, all married and brought up families in Athol ; the first 
represented that town, and held other important town offices. 
His manner and voice very much resembled those of his nephew, 
the late John Fisk, Esq. of Fram. He probably married SU- 
SANNA DRURY of Fram. 27 March, 1746. 

(From p. 15.) ISAAC HAVEN 3 , son of Moses 2 , son of Mo- 
ses 1 , settled in Fram. and lived near the pond, near the new road 
to Hoi. He married RUTH GRANT of Sherburne, 24 Nov. 
1748, by whom he had LYDIA, 7 July, 1749 ; RUTH, 16 April, 
1751; MOSES, 5 Sept. 1754; ISAAC, 16 May, 1756, who died 
young. By a 2d wife, he had ISAAC, GRANT, LUTHER and JASON. 
MOSES graduated at Har. Univ. in 1782, and died 3 April, 1785, 
while a candidate for the ministry ; LUTHER married SALLYCOOL- 
IDGK of Sherburne, and settled in Milford, where he died, a few 
years since, leaving Isaac and Willard, both living there with 
families. ISAAC HAVEN died 3 July, 1781, aged 55. 

HANNAH HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married JOSEPH 
METCALF of Franklin, then Wrentham, 23 Oct. 1751. Her 
2d husband was ISAIAH WHITING of Winthrop, Maine. 

DAVID HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, settled in Fram. and 
was a magistrate many years. He lived in the house of his an- 
cestors, where his son ABNER still lives. He married JERUSHA 
WH1PPLE, by whom he had HANNAH. 6 April, 1757 ; JACOB, 17 
May, 1759, who died an infant; DAVID, 10 Dec. 1760; JACOB, 
25 April, 1763 ; ABNER, 15 Nov. 1765 ; WHIPPLE, 6 Dec. 1768 ; 
RICHARD, 18 Nov. 1770 ; MARTIN, 18 June, 1773. HE died 17 
Dec. 1800. aged 70 ; his wife died 31 Oct. 1811, aeed 75. (See 
p. 45.) 


JASON HAVEN 3 , brother of the above, (Har. Univ. 1754,) 
was ordained over the 1st Church in Dedham, 5 Feb. 1756. He 
married CATHARINE DEXTER, eldest daughter of his pre- 
decessor, 12 Oct. 1756. They had WILLIAM, 23 Nov. 1759, who 
died young ; JASON, 29 Jan. 1763, who also died young ; CATHA- 
RINE, 8 Oct. 1769, who died an infant ; SAMUEL, 5 April, 1771 \ 
CATHARINE, 28 Aug. 1774. (See p. 46.) HE died 17 May, 1803, 
about two months after the Rev. Joshua Bates, D. D. (Har. Univ, 
1800,) became his Colleague. His widow died 30 Aug. 1814. 
He preached the Art. Elec. Sermon in 1761 ; the Gen. Elec. 
Sermon in 1769, and many other sermons, on particular occasions, 
which were printed. 

(From p. 16.) BENJAMIN HEMENVVAY 3 , son of Sarah 2 , 
daughter of Moses 1 , married LUCY STONE of Wayland, and 
had SARAH, 20 May, 1763; LUCY, 7 May, 1766; PERSIS, 12 
April, 1769; BENJAMIN STONE, 14 Dec. 1772; PATTY, 20 June, 
1777. (See p. 46.) LUCY married GIDEON RICHARDSON of Sud- 
bury. They had Ruel, Josiah, Benjamin, Polly, William, Per- 
sis, Lucy, Abel, Betsy, Dexter, Martha, Joseph and Henry. 
PERSIS married LUTHER RICHARDSON, (brother of Gideon,) and 
had Charles, who married and had children ; Lucy, who mar- 
ried Gardner Hunt of Sudbury, and has a family ; Luther, who 
married Mary Studson of Waltham, and has a family ; and 
Prentiss, who married Harriet Nichols of South boro', and has 
one child. BENJAMIN STONE married PATIENCE HUNT of Sud- 
bury, and had William, who married Allyine f 1 . Trowbridge of 
Fram., and has Alma F., Henry W., Benjamin S., John T., Ma- 
rietta, Charles, Edgar, and Adoniram J. ; Curtis, who married 
Susan Smith of Sudbury, and has two children ; George, who 
married Eliza Owen of Fram., and has a family. PATTY, mar- 
ried FRANCIS BOGLE of Sudbury, and had Miranda, who married 
Azariah Walker of Fram. and had a family ; Sarah Haven, 
who married William Jones of Sudbury, and has a family ; Lucy, 
and Nancy, who are both unmarried. 

MOSES HEMENWAY 3 , brother of the above, graduated at 
Cambridge in 1755 ; received the degree of D. D. there, in 1784, 
and the same, at Dart., in 1792. He was ordained at Wells, Me. 
in 1759, and died there in April, 1811. He was a Theologian 
of considerable eminence, and published several able productions 
relating to the Theological controversies of his time ; most of 
which, if not all, may be seen in the Archives of the Hist. So- 
ciety at Boston. According to Farmer, he descended from Ralph 
Hemenway, who was of Roxbury in 1634. He had a large fam- 
ily, but I have not been able, with much inquiry, to learn any- 


thing of them. The letters, addressed to such as were supposed 
to know most concerning them, have not been answered. 

SARAH HEMENWAY 3 , sister of the above, married JO- 
SEPH NICHOLS of Frara. and had JOHN, 17 July, 1769, who 
married HANNAH NIXON, daughter of Col. Thomas N. of Fram., 
and has brought up a large family in Southboro' ; MITTY, 21 Jan. 
1771; DANIEL, 15 Dec. 1772; SARAH, 1 Jan. 1775; LABAN 
WHEATON, 30 March, 1777; ALPHEUS, 11 Dec. 1780; and PATTY, 
12 Dec. 1782. Several of these settled, and had families at 
Whitestown, N. Y. 

REBECCA HEMENWAY 3 , sister of the above, married AL- 
PHEUS NICHOLS, (brother of Joseph,) and had SARAH, SAM- 
last born in 1785. 

(From p. 16.) ABIAL HAVEN 3 , daughter of Daniel*, son of 
Moses 1 , married Col. JAMES METCALF of Wrentham, now 
Franklin, 3 Jan. 1754, who was Deacon of Dr. Emmons' Church. 
died in Aug. 1842, aged 87, having had his name changed to 
WILLIAM HAVEN METCALF. He left a son, William, and four 
daughters. The son is a farmer in Franklin. JAMES was born in 
1758; JERUSHA, married Capt. NATHAN WIGHT, son of the cler- 
gyman of Bellingham, and had three sons and two daughters. 
She died some 25 years ago, and her husband, several years af- 
ter. They lived many years in South Brimfield ; JULITTA mar- 
ried Capt. ASA FAIRBANKS, and died 8 Oct. 1843, aged 81. He 
died at the age of 40. They had a son Asa, now a merchant in 
Providence, and four daughters, one of whom married Willis 
Fisher, Esq., who lives on the farm owned by her father in 
Franklin. ABIJAH married, and settled on the paternal farm, but 
removed to Charlton, where he was a Deacon many years. He 
is living in Sturbridge, aged about 70. The only child is a 
daughter. (See p. 47.) 

MEH1TABEL HAVEN 3 , sister of the above, married DAN- 
IEL WHITING of Dover, who was a Col. during the whole war. 
They had 1. PAUL. 2. ROGER. 3. MEHITABEL, who married 
ARTEMAS WOODARD of Medfield, and left no children. 4. FANNY, 
who married JEREMIAH BAKER of Dedham, and had Theodore, a 
merchant in New-Bedford, Caroline and Roxanna. 5. ANNA, 
who married EBENEZER NEWELL of Dover, and had several sons 
and daughters. One of them was the Rev. William W. New- 
ell, late of East Boston, who graduated at Yale Col. in 1830. 

ASA HAVEN3, brother of the above, married EUNICE AL- 
DIS of Franklin, 3 Dec. 1767. They had MEHITABEL, 7 Sept. 
1768, who married PAUL SAWYER of Boston, and died soon after 


the birth of Julia, who married Gardner Meloon, who died 
young, without children. His widow is the superintendant of 
the Orphan Female Asylum in Boston. JOHN ALDIS, 25 April, 
1771; EUNICE, 17 March, 1773, who married GEORGE ALLEN, 
and settled in Albany. He died young, leaving Benjamin Frank- 
lin, (Brown Univ. 1817.) The MOTHER is living, aged 70. POL- 
LY, 15 Dec. 1776. (See p. 47.) ASA HAVEN died in April, 
1777 ; his widow, 15 April, 1792. 

(From p. 16.) LOIS HAVEN 4 , daughter of John 3 and Su- 
sanna 3 , son and daughter of Elkanah 2 and Susanna, 2 son and 
daughter of John 1 and Moses, 1 married SOLOMON LELAND, 
Esq., of Sutton, 17 Nov. 1764. They had JONATHAN, 31 Aug. 
1768 j SOLOMON, 2 Aug. 1772; SUSANNA, 23 June, 1773, died 11 
Sept. 1777 ; Lois, 4 Sept. 1776, died 9 Sept. 1777 ; AZUBAH, 30 
Aug. 1778; SILAS, 3 Oct. 1781; ABIGAIL, 3 Sept. 1785; Lois, 
10 Oct. 1788. (See p. 48.) The FATHER died 21 July, 1808, 
aged 66. He was a grandson of Capt. James Leland of Sher- 
burne, who was one of the first settlers in Sutton, and who was 
brother of Patience, the 3d wife of Elkanah Haven. 2 The 
MOTHER died 5 Nov. 1788. 

(From p. 17.) TIMOTHY HAVEN 4 , son of Elkanah 3 , son 
of Elkanah 2 , son of John 1 , settled in Fram., where he still lives. 
He married LOIS PITTS in 1784, and had LUCY, who married 
DANIEL HEMENWAY of Fram. and died leaving children ; ASAHEL, 
who married LYDIA STONE of Hop., and died leaving Jive children ; 
BETSEY, who married MARSHALL STONE of Fram., and is now his 
widow in Wayland, without children ; PITTS, who died, aged 
about 16 ; ASENATH, who married JOHN B. BANISTER of Fram., 
and is now his widow, with four children ; MARY, who married 
NEVERSON STONE of Northborough, and has three children ; SAL- 
LY, who died young. 

HEPSIBAH HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married JONA- 
THAN RUGG of Fram., and had by him, JONATHAN of Fram., 
who married PATTY GLOVER of Fram., and had Eliza, who died, 
aged 20 ; James G., who died, aged 20 ; Caroline, who died, 
aged 7 ; Emeline, who married Seymour Gates, and died, leav- 
ing two children ; and Martha, who died, aged 5. His present 
widow was LUCINDA MARSH of Hoi. ; HEPSIBAH, who died un- 
married ; EZRA, who married POLLY FAIRBANKS of Fram., and 
died leaving Charles, Luke and Warren, all of whom have wives 
and children ; POLLY, who married LEVI CUTTING of Fram. They 
have Willard, who married Maria Home of Southborough, and 
has seven children ; Charles, who married Elizabeth Temple of 
Stow, and has one child ; Daniel, who married Elizabeth Saw- 
in, and has four children ; and Mary Elizabeth, unmarried. 


(From p. 17.) ANNE MARSHALL 4 , daughter of Mehitabel 3 , 
daughter of Joseph 2 and Mehitabel 2 , son and daughter of John 1 
and Moses 1 , married WILLIAM BALLORD of Pram., great-great 
grandson of the father of Mary, the wife of Moses 1 . They were 
3d cousins; they had 1. WILLIAM, (Har. Univ. 1799,) physician 
in Pram., who married ELIZA MOORE, and died, leavingyowr chil- 
dren. 2. MEHITABEL, who married BENJ. K. HAGGER of Boston, 
and is now his widow at Baltimore, having four children, three of 
whom have families. 3. EBENEZER MARSHALL, who married 
SUKEY FISK, his 3d cousin, daughter of John P. Esq. of Pram., 
and had Susan, who died young ; Caroline, who married Obed 
Winter of Pram. ; Marshall S., who married Prisdlla Hubbard 
of Worcester, and lives there, having one or more children ; 
George, married Lucy Hunt of Sudbury, and lives in Pram. ; 
Charles, married Maria Goddard of Worcester, in 1842, and 
lives there ; Mary Ann, married her 2d cousin, C/ias. M. Briggs 
of Boston. 4. SAMUEL, who married ABI WRIGHT, and for 2d 
wife, a widow named How ; no children. 5. JOHN, who married 
BETSEY JONES of Hop., and has four children. 6. JOSEPH, who 
married his 2d cousin HANNAH, daughter of MOSES FISK of Pram., 
and has three children, viz. : Albert, who married his 5th cousin, 
Caroline, daughter of Josiah Pisk of Pram. ; Olivia Ann, and 
Richard. 7. SALLY, who married JOHN JONES of Hop., and has/onr 
children. 8. MARY, who married NATHANIEL MUNROE of Con- 
cord, Mass., by whom she had four children, and died in 1825. 
Mr. Munroe then married her niece, a daughter of Mrs. Hagger. 
9. ELIZA, married SAMUEL CURTIS of Boston, by whom she had, 
Eliza, who died young ; Sarah Ann, who married Franklin 
Haven, Esq. of Boston, who is her mother's 4th cousin. 

MEHITABEL MARSHALL 4 , sister of the above, married 
RICHARD SEARS, (late Hon. Mr. Sears of Chatham), 25 Nov. 
1778, and i now living his widow, aged 85. By him she had 
1. SALLY, who married REV. ISAAC BRIGGS of Boxford (Brown 
Univ. 1795), and had Charles M. of Boston ; Mary, now widow 
of Gilman Prichard of Boston j Richard, who died in South 
America; and George, a ship master. 2. RICHARD, who married 
his cousin ALATHINA MARSHALL, daughter of Gilbert Marshall of 
Pram. ; they are both dead without children. He was a ship 
master at Chatham ; 3. FEAR (who had a twin brother MARSHALL, 
who died young), married CHARLES SCUDDER of Boston ; she died, 
leaving two sons Marshall $., and Charles. 4. HITTY, (whose 
twin brother DANIEL is living unmarried), married REV. ISAAC 
BRIGGS of Boxford, being his 2d wife. The reader is greatly 
indebted to the vivid recollections of Mrs. Sears. 

GILBERT MARSHALL 4 , brother of the above, settled in 
Fram. and died in 1842. He married JANE JONES, daughter 


of Col. John J. of Hop. 7 Oct. 1782, and had 1. EBENEZER, who 
died young ; 2. MARY JONES, who married THOMAS DANFORTH of 
Norton, and had Louisa, who married George D. Grossman, 
merchant of Detroit ; Caroline, who married /. /. May of Boston, 
and Joseph ; also 3 others, who died young. 3. MEHITABEL, who 
married SAMUEL DANFORTH of Norton, and had Henry, now a 
candidate for the ministry ; Abigail, who married Warren White 
of Halifax, Yt. ; Nancy, unmarried ; Appleton H. unmarried ; 
Richard, Almond H., and Jane. 4. NANCY, who died young. 
5. ALATHINA, who married her cousin, RICHARD SEARS. 6. RE- 
BECCA, unmarried. 7. JANE, who married CHARLES SCUDDER, 
merchant of Boston, and has died, leaving two children, Jane and 
Evarts. 8. ELIZABELH, unmarried. 9. JOHN JONES, who married 
ELIZABETH B. TABOR of Roxbury, and lives in Fram., having two 
children. 10. PEAR, who married CALVIN SHEPARD, JUN. of Fram., 
and has three children. 

(From p. 18.) ABIGAIL STONE 4 , daughter of Anne 3 , daughter 
of Joseph' 2 , and Mehitabel 2 , son and daughter of John 1 and Moses 1 , 
married Rev. MOSES ADAMS of Acton; (Seep. 22.) a de- 
scendant of Henry Adams of Braintree, through Henry of Med- 
field, Moses of Sherburne, Moses of Holliston, and Moses of 
Fram. They were both 2d and 3d cousins. They had the 
same great grandfather in Moses Haven 1 , and his father, Richard 
of Lynn, was also their common ancestor, through Moses 1 and 
John 1 . It is believed also that Martha, daughter of Nathaniel 1 , 
married her cousin, Elder Joseph Haven, the grandfather of Mr. 
Adams. Their children were 1 LOUISA, born 7 Sept. 1773, who 
married JOHN PARK, M. D. (Dart. Col. 1791,) and had Warren, 
who died an infant ; Louisa Jane, author of Miriam, and Joanna 
of Naples, now the wife of Rev. Edward B. Hall of Providence, 
(Harv. Univ. 1820), by whom she has a daughter ; John Cochran, 
(Harv. Univ. 1824), Lawyer in Boston, who married Mary Moore 
of Boston, and has two children living; Mary Ann, who married 
Benjamin F. Thomas, (Grandson of Isaiah Thomas, Esq.), 
Lawyer, in Worcester, and has four children. Mrs. PARK died in 
J813. 2. NANCY, 18 Jan. 1776, married REV. NICHOLAS B. 
WHITNEY of Hingham, (Harv. Univ. 1793), and had Ann, who 
married Caleb Hersey of Hingham, and has died, leaving six 
children unmarried; Lydia Bowes, who died unmarried; and 
Benjamin Lincoln, merchant of Boston, who married Caroline St. 
Aubin Homer of Cambridge, and has two children. Mrs. WHIT- 
NEY is a widow, at Hingham. 3. MOSES, 28 Nov. 1777, (Harv. 
Univ. 1797), married MARY L. TUTTLE of Littleton, arid had 
William J. (Harv. Univ. 1822), school Teacher in Boston, who 
married Deborah Chickering, and has had four children, two of 
whom are living ; Moses ship master, who married Frances 


Bradley of Boston, and had one child, that died an infant. He 
was drowned in Boston Harbor, in attempting to swim from his 
wrecked vessel, Feb. 17, 1837, aged 33. Newell, now residing 
in Boston, unmarried ; Mary L. married John McLeod, mer- 
chant of Quebec, and has three children; Charles, who was 
bred a merchant, and died at Q,uincy, May 12, 1829, aged 20. 
The MOTHER died in 1815, and the FATHER in Dec. 1839. His 
2d wife was NANCY PHILLIPS, by whom he had Herbert, Josiah, 
Charles, Laura, and Francis. He was bred a physician, and 
practised at Ellsworth, Me. 4. NABBY, Jan. 1780, married her 
mother's cousin, LUKE BIXBY, who was also her father's 2d cousin, 
and had Nabby Adams Martha, who married Winthrop E. 
Faulkner, Esq. of Acton, and has six children. The PARENTS 
both died in 1808, on the. same day, leaving the infant daughter 
with her grandparents, at Acton. Mr. Bixby was a Merchant. 
5. JOSIAH, 3 Nov. 1781, (Harv. Univ. 1801), Lawyer in Fram. 
He married JANE PARK of Windham, N. H., sister of Dr. John 
Park, who married his sister Louisa. No children. 6. JOSEPH, 
25 Sept. 1783, (Harv. Univ. 1803), Lawyer at West Cambridge, 
where he died 10 June, 1814. He married ALMIRA FISKE, 
daughter of Rev. Thaddeus Fiske of that place, (Harv. Univ. 
1785). No children. 7. CLARISSA, 13 July, 1785, married Caleb 
Hersey, of Hingham, in Nov. 1843. Mrs. ADAMS died 7 Dec. 
1812, aged 63. 

LUTHER STONE 4 , brother of the above, clothier, lived in 
Fram., Newton, Southboro, Fitz William, and Fitchburg, where he 
and his wife died in 1837, aged 84 and 79. He married MARY 
TROWBRIDGE, daughter of Col. John T. of Fram., and had 
nine children j 1. MARGARET, born 29 July 1779, married GIL- 
BERT TAYLOR, of Southboro', in 1801, who died in 1805, leaving 
Josiah F., and Sylvia. The first, living near Bangor, has been 
married twica, and has three children Sylvia married Franklin 
Nourse of Shrewsbury, now a grocer in New York, with three 
children. SHE next married HEMAN PARKER of Southboro', who 
died leaving an infant, Gilbert T., who, about 1833, began trade at 
Alexandria, near New Orleans. The mother died in 1817. 
2. NANCY, 29 May, 1781, married MAJ. JOSIAH FLINT of Shrews- 
bury, and died in 1816, having \\adfive children, of whom Mary 
and Nancy only are living. The first married Eli Walcot of 
S., and has only one child living. Nancy married Joseph W. 
Mason of S., and has no children. 3. MARTHA, married JAMES 
FAREWELL of Fitchburg, and has Theodore A. and Caroline 
Frances. The first is married arid lives in Cleaveland, Ohio. 
The other married Thomas Caldwell, and lives at Acron, Ohio. 
4. MARY, married MAJ. JOSIAH FLINT (above), and has Lydia 
Maria, Laura, and Jane. 5. THEODORE, 20 July, 1788, now 


of Douglas, married SALLY MORSE, and has Edward P., So- 
phronia F., Mary, Sarah, Francis E., and Theodore H. The 
first married Lorenthia Haselton, and lives in Douglas. Sophronia 

F. married Samuel Moore of Thompson, Conn., arid has one child. 
Mary married Francis Tafl of Boston, and has one child. 
Sarah married Lever ett L. Crofoot, dentist, of Newburyport. 
6. HARRIOT, 29 July, 1790, married CAPT. ALPHEUS KIMBALL of 
Fitchburg, merchant, and has Harriot Ann, Porter, Eliza F., 
William, and John W., all in F. unmarried. 7. SOPHIA, living 
in New York, the widow of JOHN M. PETTINGALE, merchant, 
with her daughter, Louisa. 8. EUNICE, living at Detroit with 
her husband, BEZALEEL TAFT, having a son, James Munroe. 
9. LUTHER, married DIADEMA HUNT of Douglas, and lives there, 
having a daughter, Louisa A. 

JOSIAH STONE 4 , brother of the above, settled in Fram. ; 
was a farmer and miller. He married ELIZABETH FISKE of 
Waltham, and had 1. WILLIAM F. Esq. (now Register of Deeds at 
Cambridge), who married HARRIET BRIGHAM of Westborough, 
and has William L., Mary W., Harriet B.> and Olynthus B. 
He was bred a physician. 2. LUTHER, who married his second 
cousin, MARY EATON, daughter of Silas E. of Fram., and settled 
there. They had Henry Lewis, who is a merchant at New 
Orleans, and lately married Mary E. Groce of E. Cambridge j 
Martha E. deceased ; Calvin L. deceased ; Ferdinand', Mary 
E.; and Francis A. 3. NANCY, living in Fram. unmarried. 4. 
ABIJAH, a Cabinet maker at Westborough, married MARTHA 
BUCKMINSTER, daughter of Dea. Thomas B. of Frarn., and has 
Charles Fiske, who married Judith B. Ordway, of N. H., and has 
Martha B. ; Lowell Mason, Esq., Chief Clerk in the Pension Office 
at Boston ; George F. H. ; and William H. 5. ASENATH, who 
died at Fram. in 1842, unmarried. 6. MARY, who married JABEZ 

G. FISHER of Westborough ; no children. 7. MICAH, merchant in 
Frarn., died unmarried, 25 Oct. 1838, aged 40. 8. ELIZA, now 
the widow of JOSEPH LOTHROP, Esq. of E. Cambridge ; no chil- 
dren. 9. JOSIAH, who married SOPHIA BRIGHAM of Wayland, and 
lives in Fram., having three children, viz. ; Elizabeth S. ; Mar- 
tha; and Caroline B. For his second wife, Major STONE 
married NANCY STONE of Fram., and had SEWALL, who mar- 
ried SARAH CHILDS, of Fram. j and SUMNER, unmarried, both liv- 
ing at Westborough. 

HE was Representative in 1806 ; and died 3 Sept. 1836, 
aged 74. 

MICAH STONE 4 , brother of the above, was well educated, 
with the degree only of M. D. He married MARY COGS- 
WELL of Concord, Mass., who died soon after, without children. 
He soon after removed to Georgia, and died there a few years 
since, aged about 72. 


(From p. 18.) SAMUEL HAVEN 4 , son of Samuel D. D.s, son 
of Joseph 2 , and Mehitabel 2 , son and daughter of John 1 and Moses 1 , 
married ABIGAIL MARSHALL of Portsmouth, and had JOHN, 
JOHN, SAMUEL, and JOSEPH died unmarried. ELOISA married 
JOSEPH Grace, ship master, Portsmouth, and has Joseph Alfred 
and Elvira Haven ; LUCRETIA married Mr. HILL of Northwood, 
N. H., arid has John Haven, Joseph Haven, Emily Ann, Charles 
Alfred, and Abby Lucretia. HE graduated at Harv. Univ. 1772; 
read divinity, but went into trade at Portsmouth, arid died in Aug. 
1825, aged 71. 

JOSEPH HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, married ELIZA 
WENTWORTH of Portsmouth, who died, without children, in 
1813. He then married SARAH APPLETON, widow of Nath. 
W. A. of Boston, M. D., grandson of Rev. Dr. A. of Carnb. She 
died in 1838, without children by him. He was a Merchant in 
Portsmouth, and died there, 14 July, 1829, aged 71. 

NATHANIEL APPLETON HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, 
(Harv. Univ. 1779), married MARY TUFTON MOFFAT, of 
Portsmouth, in 1786, who was born July 8, 1768, of Samuel and 
Sarah C. Tufton MorTat, but adopted and educated by her uncle, 
Gen. Wm.Whipple, who signed the Declaration of Independence. 
She died in Sept. 1842. Three only of their children survived 
LOTTE ANN. He practised medicine a short time, and was then a 
merchant, many years, with his brother John, in Portsmouth. 
He was a member of the llth Congress, chosen in 1808. He 
died 13 March, 1831, aged 68. His daughter, MARIA TUFTON, 
was born 1787, and married ALEXANDER LADD, merchant of Ports- 
mouth, 1807, by whom she had thirteen children ; 1. Haven, 
KS09, (Dart. Col. 1829); died 22 Sept. 1829. 2. Alexander 
Hamilton, 1810; died 7 Sept. 1812. 3. Charles Henry, 1812, 
merchant in Portsmouth, married Susan Lowell Fowle of Alex- 
andria, D. C., 1839. 4. Charlotte Ann Haven, 1813, married 
Sa?nuel Eliott Cones, merchant at" Portsmouth, 1833, and had 
Haven Ladd, Maria Tufton, and Eliott; the first two have died. 
5. Alexander Hamilton, 1815, who married Elizabeth W. Jones, 
1840, merchant in Portsmouth, and has Mary Tufton Haven, 
arid Ann Parry. 6. Mary Haven, 1816, who died 1841. 7. 
Caroline Sarah, 1818, who married John Lord Hayes, 1839, 
(Dart. Col. 1831), merchant in Portsmouth, and has Alexander 
Ladd, and William Allen. 8. Elizabeth Chauncey, 1819, died 9 
Sept. 1820. 9. Maria Tufton, 1821, died 21 July, 1835. 10. 
Emily Appleton, 1823, died 12 June, 1826. 11 John Tufton 
Mason, 1826, died 8 April, 1827. 12. Adeline Haven, 1828, died 
29 Jan. 1836; 13. Sophia Catherine, 1831, died 23 Feb. 1836. 


NATHANIEL APPLETON was born 1790, (Harv. Univ. 1807), was a 
lawyer in Portsmouth, and died 3 June, 1826. For his excel- 
lent life, see the memoir of it by George Ticknor. He married 
ELIZA WENTWORTH HAVEN, daughter of his uncle John H. of 
Portsmouth, 1816. They had seven children. 1. Nancy Wood- 
ward, 1816; died Nov. 20 1835. 2. Mary Tufton, 1818; died 
17 Sept. 1819. 3. Francis Tufton, 18L9; died 12 Sept. 1820. 

4. Adeline, 1821 ; died 20 May 1828. 5. Horace Appleton, 1822, 
(Harv. Univ. 1842); died 22 Oct. 1843. 6. Eliza Appleton, 
1824. 7. Charlotle Maria, 1825. CHARLOTTE ANN, 1797 ; married 
AUGUSTUS LORD, of Portsmouth, 1825, who died in June, 1826. 
No children. She married REV. CHARLES BROOKS, late of Hing- 
ham, 1839. 

ELIZABETH HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, (still living, aged 
79), married JOHN ADAMS, ship master of Portsmouth, in 
1792, who died in 1802. By him she had ANN HALL, 1793, who 
married Wm. G. APPLETON, a great grandson of Rev. Dr. A., arid 
had Elizabeth Haven, Win. Ellery, Sarah Haven, Caroline 
Haven, Mary Emily, and Horace Dawes. SHE died at Cincin- 
nati in Jan. 1833. The children are living with their father at 
Q,uincy, Mass. 

JOHN HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, settled in Portsmouth, 
and has long been a merchant there. He married ANN WOOD- 
WARD, of Portsmouth, 1791. They have had ten chil. 1. JOHN 
APPLETON, 1792, (Harv. Univ. 1813), merchant in New York. 
In 1818, he married SARAH SHERBURNE LANGDON, grand-daughter 
of Hon. Woodbury L. of Portsmouth, and has had twelve child- 
ren, viz.; Ann Langdon, John, (Harv. Univ. 1841), Langdon 
Henry, Caroline Eustis, Augusta, Sarah Langdon, Ann Mary, 
John Appleton, Ellen Eustis, Olivia Hamilton, Grace Deblois, 
and Frances Langdon. Caroline E., John A., and Olivia H. 
have died. 2. ELIZA WENTWORTH, 1794, married her cousin, 
NATHANIEL A. HAVEN, in 1816. (See above.) 3. ADELINE, 1795, 
married, in 1830, CHARLES AUGUSTUS CHEEVER, M. D. of Ports- 
mouth, (Harvard Univ. 1813), and had David Williams, 
T/ios. Baxter, Nathaniel A. Haven, and Ann Mary. The first 
only is living. 4. ANN MARY, 1798, who also married Dr. CHEEVER 
in 1823. She had John Haven, 1824, and Charles Augustus, 
1826, drowned 9 June, 1838. The mother died 4 July, 1826. 

5. ALFRED WOODWARD, 1801, (Harv. Univ. 1820), is a lawyer in 
Portsmouth, He married, 1826, LOUISA SHEAFE, daughter of 
Hon. James S. of Portsmouth, who died 31 Jan., 1828, leaving 
Louisa Sheafe, born 1827. He also married, in 1833, MARGARET 
HOUSTON, of Exeter, and had Catharine Margaret, Alfred 
Houston, Ellen Ralfour, Elizabeth Winslow, and John Houston. 



6. ELVIRA, 1802, married in 1837, to DAN. R. ROGERS, merchant 
of Portsmouth, and died 10 May, 1838. 7. Jos. WOODWARD, 
1803, merch. in N. Y. ; married in 1833, to CORNELIA GRISWOLD 
of N. York ; has one child, George Griswold, 1837. 8. AUGUSTA, 
1805; died 18 June, 1826. 9. SUSAN WOODWARD, 1807; married, 
1833, to WM. EMERSON, (Harv. Univ. 1818), a lawyer at New 
York, and has William, John Haven, and Charles. 10. GEORGE 
WALLIS, 1808, (Dart. Col. 1828), married HELEN SARAH BELL of 
Haverhill, N. H. 1839, and has Edith, and Catharine Bell. 

HENRY HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, was a merchant in 
Portsmouth, and died 18 Sept. 1823, aged 55. He married 
EMMA CULLUM of Portsmouth, who died 30 May, 1815, aged 
40. They had ten children, viz. ; 1. CAROLINE ; 2. EMMA, who 
died an infant, 21 June, 1797; 3. WASHINGTON, merchant in 
Portsmouth. He married LUCY BRIMBLECOM of Lynn, and has 
Mary Ellen, Henry, Charles and Clara, (twins), Caroline 
Sarah, Lucy Mansfield, and Maria Hoffman. 4. EMMA, died April 
1842. 5. WILLIAM, ship master, who died at New Orleans, in 
Dec. 1837 ; he married SUSAN PICKERING LYMAN, (a niece of 
Rev. Dr. Parker of Portsmouth, arid brought up in his family,) 
and left a son, Nathan Parker. 6. CLARISSA, who died 20 June 
1826, aged 21. 7. HENRY GIBBS, who died 21 Sept. 1823, aged 
17. 8. MEHITABEL APPLETON. 9. CULLUM, married in 1839. to 
HEPZIBAH BOYD, daughter of Rev. Mr. Boyd of Berwick. They 
have Sarah Frazier, and live in New York. 10. CHARLES ED- 
WARD, merchant, Philadelphia. He married ANNA EARP of that 
city, and has Rebecca Earp. 

WILLIAM HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, late Cashier of 
the N. H. Bank, married SOPHIA HENDERSON of Portsmouth, 
and has had twelve children, viz. ; 1. JAMES HENDERSON, who 
married ELIZABETH CUSHMAN, daughter of Hon. Samuel C. of 
Portsmouth. He is a chemist and druggist at Nauvoo, III., hav- 
ing a son, Samuel Cushman. 2. SOPHIA, who married CHARES J. 
APPLETON, a great grand-son of Rev. Dr. A., and has Sophia 
Louisa, Sarah Fairwcather, and Isabella Augusta. 3. WILLIAM, 
deceased. 4. SAMUEL, resident in Cowdensport, Penn., married 
ANN CHURCHILL, and had Charlotte and William Roscoe. 5. 
ALEXANDER, deceased. 6. AUGUTUS LORD, an engineer in Indi- 

JOSHUA HAVEN4, brother of the above, by the second wife, 
was a merchant at Portsmouth, and at Philadelphia. He died at 
Portsmouth, Sept. 6, 1830. He married OLIVIA HAMILTON 
of Berwick, and had six children, viz. MARY H. , JOHN H. ; 
OLIVIA H., who married Dr. WALLACE of Churchtown, Penn,, and 


has Elizabeth Haven ; MARGARET MARSHALL ; ELIZABETA H., 
deceased, and JOSHUA. MARY H., MARGARET, and JOSHUA reside in 
Philadelphia. HE married a second wife, MARY CUNNING- 
HAM of Boston, (now living in Portsmouth), and by her had 

THOMAS HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, has been a mer- 
chant in Portsmouth, Philadelphia, and Boston. He married 
ELIZA HALL of Portsmouth, who died, leaving THOMAS AL- 
BERT, merchant, Philadelphia, who married VIRGINIA CARET, 
and had Leslie ; GEORGE HUMPHREYS, who died at Philadelphia, 
about 1831, aged about 19. HE also married MEHITABEL 
JANE LIVERMORE, of Portsmouth, who died in 1837. They 
had twelve children, namely: ELIZA HALL; CAROLINE L., who 
married EDWARD BELKNAP, grandson of Dr. Belknap, the 
Historian, and by him had Mary Elizabeth, and Thomas 
Haven. They reside at Ann Harbor, Michigan ; ANN SHAPLEY ; 
third wife, Mr. HAVEN married ANN FURNESS, of Phila. 

MEHITABEL HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, resides in Ports- 

CHARLES CHAUNCEY HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, 
(Harv. Univ. 1804), is a merchant in New York. He married 
PRUDENCE H AYDEN GRISWOLD, of New York, who died 
8 Aug. 1820, leaving MARY PRUDENCE GRISWOLD, who married 
HORACE H. JENKS. They reside at Louisiana. Pike Co., Missouri, 
having a son, William Henry. HE also married CATHARINE 
dec. ; EMILY; SARAH J., and CHARLES EDWARD, both dec. 

MARY HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married JACOB 
SHEAFE of Portsmouth, and died 1 Jan. 1840, aged 50, hav- 
ing had ten children, viz.; MARGARET MARY, deceased ; CHARLES 
HAVEN ; NATHANIEL TRACY, (Dart. Col. 1835), a lawyer at 
Bellows Falls, Vt. ; MARY LETITIA, deceased ; ANNA MARIA ; 
LOUISA HAVEN, and CHARLOTTE ANN. The father is living at 
Pottsville, Penn. 

(From p. 18.) ABIGAIL NICHOLS 4 , daughter of Mary 3 , daugh- 
ter of Joseph 2 , and Mehitabel^, son and daughter of John 1 , and 
Moses 1 , married a CHAMBERLAIN. They removed to the west- 
ern country, and had RUFUS, POLLY, NABBY, JNO., Jos., BETSEY, 
and perhaps others ; most of them died young. One of the sons 
married, and had a daughter, Isabella, now living in Steuben 
County, New York. 


MARY NICHOLS 4 , sister of the above, married SILAS 
EATON, of Fram. in Feb. 1782, and died 30 Oct. 1818, aged 
61. They had JOSIAH, who married ELIZA STOVER of Thomas- 
ton, and had 8 children. SILAS, who married NANCY STONE, 
daughter of Dr. Elijah S. of Fram., and died in 1828, leaving 
Philander, Lorenzo, Franklin, Louisa, and Caroline; they had 
also Ann Maria, who died in 1826, aged 7. Lorenzo married, 
and had a, daughter, and has now a second wife. MARY, who 
married her second cousin, LUTHER STONE of Fram. (see p. 31); 
MARTHA, who is now the widow of the late ABNER WHEELER, 
Esq. of Fram. 

JOHN LOCKE 4 , brother of the above, by the second husband, 
(Har. Univ. 1792), married HANNAH GOODWIN, daughter of 
Gen. G. of Plymouth. They had JOHN GOODWIN, who married 
JANE ERMINA STARKWEATHER, author of many poetical effu- 
sions, and who is now living in Lowell with several children. 
ALBERT, (Harv. Univ. J829), was a lawyer at Lowell, and died 
Sept. 26, 1840, aged 33, leaving a wife and an infant son. He 
married his cousin, MARY ANN LOCKE, daughter of Hon. Joseph L. 
of Lowell. The father was a lawyer, in Ashby, many years, where 
he was chosen a member of the 19th and 20th Congress. He is 
still living with his son, at Lowell, aged 79. 

SALLY LOCKE 4 , sister of the above, married JOHN MAN- 
NING, of Ashby ; both have died without children. 

ELIZABETH LOCKE 4 , sister of the above, married THOM- 
AS HEALD (Dart. Col. 1794), a lawyer in Concord, Mass., 
and had MARIA, who married JOHN EDWARDS of Acton, and had 
four children. ELIZA, who married HORATIO STONE, merchant, 
Fram. ; now of Boston. SARAH ANN, who married SAMUEL L. 
WILKINS of Lowell, and is now his widow. GEORGE, unmarried. 

Mr. Heald died some years since. SHE married again to 
ELIJAH NEWHALL of N. Ipswich, and has lately died. 

HITTY LOCKED sister of the above, married JOHN CROS- 
BY. They lived at Montpelier, and had JOHN, who died about 
1826, unmarried. MEHITABEL, who married MARK Goss, and 
died in 1839, leaving 8 children. SAMUEL L., who is preaching 
in Florida; he married and has children. CHARLES, a Baptist 
Clergyman, married a widow ; has no children. ELIZA, married 
an ALLEN, a Baptist Clergyman ; no children. SHE is editing 
a Literary paper. GEORGE, married a PEIRCE, and died, leaving 
one or more children. 

JOSEPH LOCKE 4 , (Dart. Col. 1797), brother of the above, 
settled in Billerica, a lawyer. Has been some years Judge of 
the Police Court at Lowell ; was Chief Justice of the Court of 
Sessions ; a member of the Senate, and Executive Council. 
He married LYDIA GOODWIN, daughter of Gen. G. of Ply- 


mouth. They had CHARLES HENRY, in Nov. 1804; who mar- 
ried the widow of WILLIAM HALE of Boston, and died, without 
children, in Jan., 1841. He was, for a time, the Editor of the 
N. E. Galaxy, in Boston. GEORGE died young. HARRIET 
born Nov. 1807; married JOHN D. LOCKE, Esq. of Kentucky, 
a lawyer, and has 2 or more children. MARY ANN, married her 
cousin ALBERT LOCKE, (See antea); FRANCES C., born about 
J813; HANNAH GOODWIN, bom about 1815. WILLIAM, who 
died at sea, unmarried ; and GEORGE, who died young. 

NANCY LOCKE 4 , sister of the above, is living with her 
husband, IMLA GOODHUE, of Westford. They have no chil- 
dren. Mrs. Wilkins was their adopted daughter. See page 36. 

(From p 19.) S ALLY BIXBY 4 , daughter of Sarah 3 , daughter 
of Mehitabel 2 , and Jos. 2 , son and daughter of John 1 , and Moses 1 , 
married WILLIAM CLARK of Fram. June 10, 1792. They 
both died young, leaving a son, LUKE BIXBY, who died, aged 
about 23, unmarried. The father was a merchant at Norfolk, 
Virginia. He was son of Isaac Clark of Fram. 

JOSEPH BIXBY 4 , brother of the above, (Harv. Univ. 1791), 
was a lawyer, and, at one time, a merchant. He died young and 

JOSIAH BIXBY 4 , brother of the above, was a merchant ; 
died young, and unmarried. 

PATTY BIXBY 4 , sister of the above, married JOSEPH W. 
PAGE, a merchant in Boston, Feb. 16, 1800, and died in middle 
life, leaving only ELIZA, who married ADAM GORDON, a lawyer, 
at Key West. They have children, Josiah, (jfeorge TF., 
Eliza, Charles C., and Oliver E. 

HITTY BIXBY 4 , sister of the above, married DANIEL 
STONE, M. D., of Sharon (Har. Univ. 1797), and died in 1811, 
leaving DANIEL, (Union Col. 1836), who was a lawyer in Mass., 
and is now Principal of a high school in Pittsburg, Penn., unmar- 
ried. SARAH, now at Pittsburg. EMILY, who married ISAAC 
ELLIS of Dedham, and has one child. ALBERT, who is a far- 
mer at Belvidere, 111. He married ELIZABETH ELLIS of Ded- 
ham, in Aug. 1843. Dr. Stone died in 1842. 

LUKE BIXBY 4 , brother of the above, married NABBY 
ADAMS, daughter of Rev. Moses A. of Acton. (See p. 30.) 

NANCY BIXBY 4 , sister of the above, removed from Fram. 
to Sharon, with her mother, and died there, in 1812, aged 32. 

(From p. 19.) SARAH HAVEN 4 , daughter of Benjamin 3 , son 
of Moses 2 , son of Nathaniel 1 , married BENJAMIN HA YEN 
of Hop., arid lived with him, on her father's farm, in Fram. 
They had, 1. SALLY, 6 Nov. 1767, who married AMASA FORIS- 
TER of Bellingham, and died 6 June, 1821, leaving children. 
2. COMFORT, 17 Aug. 1771, who married a BATES of Bellingham, 
and died 12 Oct. 1798. 3. POLLY, 4 July, 1774, who married JAMES 


FOSTER of Holliston, the father of Elijah H. Foster of Fram. 
5. ELTSHA, who died in 1782, aged 5. 6. AZUBAH, 16 Oct. 1779, 
who married MICHAEL HOMER of Hop. and has five children, viz., 
Michael, who married a daughter of Nathan Phipps, Esq. of Hop.; 
Benjamin, who married Mary Damon; Martha, who married 
Josiah Perry ; Charles, who married Maria Stone; and Sally. 
7. ELIJAH, 16 Aug. 1781, who married SUSAN LAMB, lived in 
Hop., and died 22 June, 1813, leaving children. 8. PATTY, 14 
May, 1784, living in Hop. unmarried. 9. BETSEY, 28 Aug. 1786, 
who married JOHN BADGER, Jun. of Natick, and died 19 June, 
1819, leaving a son, Elijah B. 

AZUBAH HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married HENRY 
EAMES of Fram., March 1, 1781. They had, 1. ABIGAIL, 
who is now the widow of Jos. SANGER of Fram., having Ed- 
win, who married Harriet Boynton, and has 3 children ; Joseph, 
who married Mary Taylor ; Henry, who married Elizabeth San- 
ger, and has one child ; and Susan B., who married Joseph 
Boynton of Fram., and has one child. They are alt living in 
Fram. 2. HITTY; 3. LUCY; and 4. SUKEY. These three mar- 
ried three brothers, viz., ABEL, LOVELL, and JONATHAN EAMES of 
Fram., where they all live, having large families of children. 
5. RUTH, who married NEHEMIAH HOWE of Hop., and is now 
his widow, having had Louisa, who married Win. Fleming; 
Susan, who married Bernard Adams ; and Washington, unm. 

ZERUIAH HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married ANDREW 
ALLARD (born at Fram. of Isaac and Lois, 6 May, 1753,) in 
May, 1775, and had ISAAC, who married ACHSAH MAYNARD, 
and had Appleton, Isaac, Horace, Rosson, Samuel, Mary 
Ann, and Achsah ; ANDREW married LUCINDA THAYER, and had 
Lyman, Henry, Andrew, Achsah, Orlin, Samuel, Esther, Lu- 
cinda, Nahum,. Sally, Ma?*y, and Isaac, all born from 1801 to 
1824. In 1784 SHE married her cousin JOSEPH FRAIL of 
Hop., by whom she had ASENATH, who married ELIJAH WALES 
of Milford, and had six children ; RUTH, who married ASA HAVEN 
of Hop., and had Jive children ; JOSEPH, who married his mother's 
cousin, EXPERIENCE HAVEN, daughter of Zedekiah and Mehita- 
bel, and had four sons and three daughters ; ZERUIAH, who died 
aged 18; and SALLY, who married her cousin SAMUEL FRAIL. 
Mrs. FRAIL is now living in Hop., a widow, aged 88. Her hus- 
bands were both soldiers in the revolution. The first died in 
the service. 

(From p. 20.) EZRA HAVEN 4 , son of Jesse 3 , son of Mosesa, son 
of Nathaniel 1 , married MARY GLOVER, and lived in Fram. in 
the house where his father lived arid died, and where his son 
JOSEPH now lives. He died 26 Oct. 1794, aged 38; his wife 
died 31 Jan. 1822. They had WILLIAM (Brown Univ. 1809), 


who died unmarried ; JOSEPH, living in Frarn. on the family 
estate, unmarried ; ANNE, who married ALEXANDER EDWARDS 
of Fram., both deceased, leaving Benj. A. (Brown Univ. 1841), 
and Alexander ; JOHN, who married MARTHA F. SMITH of Need- 
ham, and died, leaving John A. a printer, and Susan A. a milli- 
ner, both in Boston unmarried; JASON, who married and died, 
leaving Edwin and William, both married, the first lives in 
Boston, the other in Northfield ; OLIVE, who married SETH 
DEWING of Needham, and had children; MILLISCENT, who 
married her 4th cousin, WILLARD HAVEN of Fram., and has 
children-, and SALLY, who was deranged, and died unmarried. 

(From p. 20.) JOTHAM HAYEN 4 , son of Gideon 3 , son of 
Moses 2 , son of Nathaniel 1 , married MARTHA BELKNAP of 
Fram., daughter of Capt. Jeremiah B. They both died about 
1837. They had, 1. LUTHER, 26 Aug. 1779, who has lately 
died ; 2. JEREMIAH, who died about 1830, leaving a son and 
daughter, who are living ; 3. JOHN, died many years ago ; 4. 
JOTHAM, late of Boston, now of Fram., married BETSEY SPEAR : 
they have two sons and two daughters living ; 5. GILBERT, Esq. 
married HANNAH BURRILL, lives in Maiden, having two sons and 
four daughters ; 6. KITTRIDGE married RUTH HARRINGTON ; is a 
Clergyman at Shoreham, Yt., and has several children ; 7. CUR- 
TIS married MARY ANN TILSON in Nov. 1842: they live in 
Boston; 8. MARTHA, who is unmarried; 9. HARRIET married 
JOHN SMITH of Boston, and died a few years after, leaving a son 
yet living; 10. FRANKLIN, now Pres't of Merch. Bank, Boston, 
married his distant cousin, SARAH ANN CURTIS, daughter of 
Samuel and Eliza C. of Boston. They have Sarah Ann, Frank- 
lin, and Mary E. 

SARAH HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married FRANCIS 
HOWE of Fram. 7 May, 1781. They have FRANCIS, physician 
in Dedham, who married LUCY GAY, and has one child, named 
Caroline ; EDWARD, ELIJAH, and MICAJAH, all living in Fram. 
and all unmarried, except Edward, who has no children. 

MOSES P. HAYEN 4 , brother of the above, Deacon of the 
IstChh. in Fram., married CHLOE EAMESof Sudbury, 1 May, 
1790. They had POLLY, 18 June, 1791, who died unmarried, 
16 Nov. 1820; CHLOE, 4 Jan. 1793, living in Fram. unmarried. 
In 1794 HE married MITTEE HORNE of Southborough, by 
whom he had ANNA ANGIER in 1795, who married HENRY G. 
FOSTER of Boston, and has children; JULIA, who married Jos. 
ANGIER of Fram., and has children; LINCOLN in 1799, who died 
unmarried ; and MOSES in 1801, living in Fram. unmarried. 

NATHAN HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, married MITTEE 
FAY of- Marlborough, and removed to Lebanon, N. Y. in 1795. 


MARY, FRANCIS, and SOPHRONIA, most of whom married an* 3 
had children. The parents both died in 1841. 

ZEDEKIAH HA YEN 4 , brother of the above, married ELIZ- 
ABETH ANGIER of Southborough, and removed to New- 
Hartford, N. Y. and had seven children. All died young except 
ZEDEKIAH, and JULIA, who married a PRESCOTT of New Hartford. 

JESSE HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, is a farmer in Fram. 

ELIZABETH HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married Capt. 
RIET, and MARSHALL. The two last are married. 

RELIEF HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married ARTEMAS 
CON ANT of Fram. Their children died young, except GEORGE, 
who married MARY MASON of Dedham in 1828, and had six chil- 
dren, four of whom are living ; EMILY, who married Jos. HIG- 
GINS of Fram. in 1824 ; they are living in Rochester, and have 
three daughters living j WILLIAM B., born in 1806, and died, 
aged 18. 

(From p. 20.) ASENATH HAVEN 4 , daughter of David 3 , son 
of Nathaniel 2 , son of Nathaniel 1 , married Deacon ABEL PERRY 
of Natick, and had WILLIAM in 1782, who married KEZIA DRURY 
of Natick, and had, 1. Harriet, who married Lowell Perry of 
Dover, and has 3 children living ; 2. Edwin, who married Sally 
Mason of Boston, and had five children ; 3. Asa, who married 
Emeline Fisher of Franklin, and has three children ; 4. Abel, who 
married Miranda Adams of Holliston, and has two children ; 
5. William, who married his cousin Betsey Perry of Natick, and 
has one child ; 6. Albert^ who married Jane Hart of Boston, and 
has one child ; 7. Otis, who married Eliza Ann Fisher of Frank- 
lin, and has one child ; 8. Isaac, who married Elizabeth Dud- 
ley ; 9. Calvin ; 10. Kezia. ABEL married MITTY MORSE of 
Natick, and ha'd Emeline, who married Horace Barber of Sher- 
burne, and had four children ; Elizabeth, who married MetcalJ 
Pratt of Fram. and has four children ; Ira (Middlebury Col. 
1842), student of Medicine at Pittsfield. DAVID married BETSEY 
MORSE of Natick, and had Ellen, who married Henry Eames of 
Fram., and has three children ; Sybil, who married Hezekiah 
Broad of Natick, and has one child. HANNAH married ELIAS 
HOWE of Fram., and has Elbridge, who married Olive Maria 
Oilman of Franklin ; Delia, who married Rufus King Robin- 
son of Boston in 1843 ; Gilbert, who is settled in Fram. unmar- 
ried ; Asenath, who married Jona. F. Morgan of Holliston, and 
has one child ; Elias, Caroline, Olivia, Hamilton, Curtis and 
Charles (twins), Willard, and Bainbridge, all young and un- 
married. ASENATH married PERLEY HOWE, Jun. of Natick, and 
has Eleanor, who married Thos. J. G. Clark of Holliston, and 


has one child j George Washington, who married Betsey Perry 
of Milford ; and Benj. Franklin, unmarried. ABIGAIL, who mar- 
ried RANDALL TRAVIS of Holliston, and has Henrietta, Daniel, 
and ^46%, all unmarried. Deacon PERRY died some years 
since. His widow survived till 1842. Their eldest son WILLIAM 
has also died. 

(From p. 21.) ELIAS HAVEN 4 , son of Joseph 3 , Deacon in 
Dover, son of Joseph 2 , Elder in Hop., son of Moses 1 , Deacon in 
Fram., removed, with his father, from Hop. to Dover. He was 
killed by the British, 19 April 1775, aged 33; he left a son ELIAS 
living in N. Y., and a DAUGHTER, who married a BACON. Dover 
was then a part of Dedham. It was incorporated as a District 
in 1784. 

JOSEPH HAVEN 4 , brother of the above (Har. Univ. 1774), 
was the Rev. Jos. Haven of Rochester, N. H. He married a 
daughter of Nathaniel FISHER of Need ham, had many chil- 
dren and grand children, and died at an advanced age. 

NOAH HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, married and lived a 
while in Holden, and returned to Dover, where he died on the 
paternal estate. His son JOSEPH, (Har. Univ. 1810,) is the Rev. 
Joseph Haven, late of Dennis, afterwards of Billerica, and now 
residing at Unionville. He married ELIZABETH SPARROW of 
Orleans, Mass. They are the parents of the Rev. Joseph Haven 
of Unionville (Amh. Col. 1835), who married Mary Emerson, 
daughter of Professor E. of Andover, and has two children, the 
eldest named Joseph Aster. 

JOHN HAVEN 4 , brother of the above (Har. Univ. 1776), 
went to sea, as a Surgeon, in a vessel, which was lost. 

(From p. 21.) JESSE HAVEN 4 , son of John 3 , son of Jo- 
seph 2 , son of Moses 1 , settled in Hoi., and was a Deacon. He 
married CATHARINE MARSH 4 June, 1767, who died 15 July, 
1816. They had, 1. ANNA, 15 Feb. 1768, who married Col. 
ASA EAMES of Hop.; she now lives there, the widow of Dea. 
A. LELAND of Hoi. By Col. Eames, she had Catharine ; Dan- 
iel; Mary, who married Dr. Hunting of Wor. ; Asa, and one 
other daughter, who married a Daniels. 2. LUTHER, born 15 
April. 1770, now Deacon in Fram. ; he married EXPERIENCE 
PARKER of Fram. in 1797, by whom he had Clarissa, now wife 
of Cornelius Morse of F. ; Ruth, now wife of John C. Bixbyoi 
F. ; Luther, a teacher at Leicester Acad., unmarried ; George, 
who married Mary Ann Alden of Fram. ; Susan E., and Ellen 
M., both young and unm. The three who married have chil- 
dren. 3. CATHARINE, 15 March 1772, married MOSES PERRY 
of Sher., arid is now his widow, having one daughter, Catharine, 
unm. 4. JOHN, 9 Mar. 1774, Dea. in Holliston, has removed to 
Nauvoo, 111., in company with the Mormons. He married BETSY 



HOWE of Hop., and, for 2d wife, JUDITH TEMPLE. He has a son 
John ( Amh. Col. 1834,) settled in the ministry at Stoneharn, and 
several other children. 5. MARY, 6 June, 1776, living in Hop. 
unmarried. 6. JESSE, 1 May, 1779, who married SALLY HOUGH- 
TON of Sher., by whom he had Alexander M., who is married 
and lives at New Orleans ; John, who married a Bird, and is a 
widower at New York, having a son ; Benjamin K. married 
Elizabeth M. Herring of Fram. in 1843, and is settled there ; 
Sarah married a Rockwell of Boston, and has one child ; Silas S. 
is a clerk at sea, and is unm. 7. ELISHA, 16 April 1782, who 
married SALLY STONE of Sudbury. They live in Hop., and 
have Josiah S., who married Patience Bowker ; Abigail C., who 
married James P. Palmer of N. H. ; Catharine M., who married 
George A. Tilton of Hop., 'all of whom have children ; also Sa- 
rah S., and Mary E., both unmarried. - 

(From p. 23.) SAMUEL HAVEN 4 , son of Moses 3 , son of 
Joseph 2 , son of Moses 1 , married HANNAH WOOD, 11 Oct. 1770, 
by whom he had SAMUEL, 20 May, 1773; LAWSON, 14 May, 
1775; JOSEPH, 27 Dec. 1776, dec.; POLLY, 19 Sep. 1778; 
FANNY, Sep. 1780, married JOSEPH VALENTINE, ESQ. of Hop. 
in 1799, and died in 1841, leaving 1. Harriet J., who married 
Abr. Harrington, Esq. of Hop. (Harv. Univ. 1812), who died 
leaving Frances A.. Henry B., Catharine M., and Edward H. 
Frances A. married Norman Cutter, and Catharine M. married 
Amos Cutter, both living, with children, at Cincinnati. Henry B. 
died young. She is now the wife of Dr. Jefferson Pratt of 
Hop., having by him Mary J., and Sarah E. 2. John L. married 
his cousin Miriam Haven, and lives in Hop., having Frances C., 
Henry C., Frederic E., Ellen Maria, and Eliza Ann. 3. Joseph 
H., physician, died in 1831. 4. George W. married Mary 
Claflin, and died at St. Louis in 1840. 5. Eliza Ann, married 
B. J. Cutter, merchant, Louisville, and has Eliza J. 6. Charles 
H.) merchant St. Louis, married Cynthia Ann Jones. 7. Ed- 
loard H.) living in Boston, aged 21. MOSES, 7 July, 1782, who 
married, and died, leaving Miriam, who married John L.Valen- 
tine (above); Hiram, merchant at Westborough, with a wife 
and child; and Theodore S. living at S. Hadley, with a wife 
and one child. NANCY, bap. 28 May, 1786; HANNAH, bap. 18 
Jan. 1789, married COL. JAMES HAMILTON, now of New York. 
She has lately died, leaving Alexander J. (Harv. Univ. 1826), a 
lawyer in New York, who married Camilla E. Brette of Nor- 
folk, Va., and has one child, Emily Vincent. Also Samuel, 
living in New York, who married Frances Kyle of New York, and 
has also one child, Marion Cozzens ; GILBERT WOOD, bap. 29 
Nov. 1795; JOSHUA, and THOMAS B. 

HE lived in Hop, several years, where he filled many impor- 


tant town offices, and removed to Shrewsbury, where he kept a 
public house. He was a Justice of the Peace, and a Represen- 
tative of that town, and died there, aged about 78. 

ISAAC HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, settled in Hop., 
and lately died there, aged 88. He married MARTHA WOOD 
of Hop. 26 Oct. 1780, and had nine children. All have died 
except JOSEPH. None had children except NATHANIEL, JOHN, and 
PATTY, who married JOSEPH ADAMS of Grafton. OTIS died in 
1830, aged 45 ; JOHN died 14 May, 1828, aged 47. Four died in 
infancy. The mother died 17 Nov. 1809. His second wife is 
now living, a widow, in Hop. 

(Prom p. .23.) ISAAC FISK 4 , son of Hannah 3 , daughter of 
Richard 2 , son of Moses 1 , married ESTHER MANN of Wrentham, 
and had JAMES, OLIVIA, and POLLY, who all died unmarried. 

HANNAH FISK, 4 sister of the above, married an EVERETT 
of Attleborough, and had SAMUEL, HANNAH, PAUL and SILAS, 
(twins,) GILBERT, and other DAUGHTERS. SILAS is now a Deacon 
in Attleborough. 

JOHN FISK 4 , brother of the above, lived in Fram., and died 
in Nov. 1819, aged 78. He was a Justice of the Peace, and a 
Representative from 1808 to 1815. He married ABIGAIL 
HOW of Sudbury, and had, 1. NAT, Aug. 12, 1772; died in 
1841. He married CATHARINE SLACK of Needham, and had 
Mary, who married Peter Coolidge of Fram., and has Catharine 
Fisk and Jona. Maynard ; Catharine, who married Dr. George 
F. Dunbarof Westmoreland, N. H., and has four children ; John, 
who died aged 14 ; William, who married Susan F. Manson of 
Fram., is a merchant at Buffalo, and has three sons ; Martha, 
who married Henry Parker of Fram., has William F. and 
Florence D. 2. THOMAS, 22 Mar. 1774, married LUCINDA TROW- 
BRIDGE of Conn., and had four children. He was deaf and dumb. 
3. JOHN B. 2 Dec. 1778, (Dart. Col. 1798), lawyer in New York, 
and died 11 Dec. 1805. 4. SUKEY in 1781. She married her 
third cousin, EBENEZER M. BALLORD of Fram., and is now the 
widow of PniNEHAsRicE. (See p. 28). 5. SALLY in 1783. She 
married WILLIAM LARRABEE of Fram., and is now his widow. 
They had six children, viz. ; William F., a merchant in New 
York, unmarried ; Edward W., who died aged 24; Charles M., 
who married Eliza Colton, had one child, and died in 1842; 
Abigail H., who married Cornelius Cadle of New York, and has 
three sons ; also George, and John, both unmarried. 6. ED- 
WARD, born 1786, married ELIZA PORTER of New York; no 
children. 7. NANCY, born 1789, married Col. JAMES BROWN of 
Fram., and had Maria who married Rev. James A. Kendall, 
(Harv. Univ. 1823), and has children; Lucy Ami, who married 
Augustin Leland of Sherburne (Brown Univ. 1834), who died, 


leaving a daughter ; she next married Benjamin Brown, and has 
one child ; Ellen married Jlnson L. Hobart, (Wil. Col. 1836) ; no 
children; James W. (Wil. Col. 1840), married Mary J. Brewer 
of Fram., and has one child; Nancy, unmarried. 8. WILLIAM, 
died aged 14. 9. GEORGE B., born 1793, married HONORA BOL- 
TON, a widow of New York, and has six children. 

RICHARD FISK 4 , brother of the above, lived in Fram. He 
married ZEBI AH POND of Franklin, by whom he had 1 . L UTHE R, 
who died without children. 2. MARTIN, a merchant at Norfolk, Va., 
who has died, leaving Daniel, Mary, and George. Daniel has 
died. 3. PATTY, bom 3 June, 1776, and died 4 June, 1823. 
She married EBENEZER FREEMAN of Barre, 26 Dec. 1803. 
They had Charles, 23 Nov. 1804; Mary F. 24 March, 1807; 
Nancy F. 14 June, 1809; and Martha, 8 Jan. 1815. They 
removed to Fram., where he still lives with a second wife, whose 
maiden name was NABBY MORSE. Charles removed to Carnden, 
N. J. , married Louisa Caroline Pharo of Phil, in May 1832, and 
had Caroline, 4 June, 1833 ; Martha Ann, 18 Dec. 1835 ; Charles 
R. 4 Oct. 1839, died 3 Feb. 1840; the mother died 15 Dec. 1840. 
He next married Jinn Eliza Sloan of Camden, Aug. 9, 1842. 
Their son Charles D. died in July, 1843. Nancy F. married 
Ira M. Collom of Phil, in Nov. 1834. Their children were 
Ira, born arid died, in Jan. 1836 ; Wallace-Alexander born in 
May, 1837, died 23 April, 1838; Mary Soulard born 13 Sept. 
1839, died 2 April, 1843. 4. DANIEL, died at Norfolk, aged 
about 22. 5. NANCY, died aged 9. 6. RICHARD, who married a 
widow LOWELL of Kensington, N. H. (maiden name ELIZABETH 
LAMPREY.) Both have died, leaving Harriet, the wife of Elias 
Grout of Fram., having two children ; Sarah, wife of David Fisk, 
her cousin, having one child; and Richard, all living in Fram. 
7. MARY, (twin with Richard), who married SAMUEL VALEN- 
TINE, Jim. of Hop., and is living there, his widow. She has 
John T. ; Samuel W. ; a daughter, who married Philip W. 
Bixby ; another, who married Benjamin S. Farnsworth, and other 
children. 8. JOSIAH, married MARTHA COOLIDGE of Fram., 
who is living there, a widow. They had Caroline, who married 
Albert Ballord, her 3d cousin, and has Frederic, and one other ; 
David , who married his cousin Sarah Fisk, daughter of Richard, 
and has Henry Wallace. Martha, unmarried; HE died March 
9, 1824, aged 80. 

DANIEL FISK 4 , brother of the above, was a Physician at 
Oxford. He married SUKEY THURSTON, daughter of Rev. 
Mr. Thurston of Medway. They had WILLIAM, SOPHIA, 

LYDIA FISK 4 , sister of the above, married Major LAW- 
SON NURSE of Fram. They had NATHAN of Thomastoii ; 


LAWSON, who was a physician in Sparta, Term., and died there 
unmarried; NANCY, who died aged about 20; FORTUNATUS, who 
died unmarried ; BETSY, who died young; MARTHA, who died 
aged 18; SOPHIA, who is the wife of PETER BREWER of South- 
borough, and has Lydia Fisk, Charles , George, and Martha Sophia. 

MOSES FISK 4 , brother of the above, married his cousin 
ELIZABETH BULLARD of Fram. They settled in. Pram., 
and had MOSES MADISON (Dart. Col. 1802), who married MARY 
TEMPLE of Fram. They both died in 1805, at Nashville, without 
children. ISAAC, married ELIZABETH JOHNSON of Nashville. 
They have five children, viz. ; Moses M., who married Harriet 
Herring of Fram., and has five children ; Oliver J. (Brown Univ. 
1837), married Louisa Brown of Lime Rock (R. I.), and has one 
child ; Charles C. married Lucy Frost of Fram., and has two 
children ; Thomas, married Hariet Mams of Hoi. ; no children ; 
Ebenezer W., who lately married Caroline Smith of Waltham. 
HANNAH, who married her 2d cousin, JOSEPH BALLORD, ESQ. of 
Brighton. (See p. 28). ASENATH, who died in 1809, aged about 
23; BETSEY, who died in 1806, aged about 19. OLIVIA, who 
married ELIAS TEMPLE, ESQ. of Fram. Their only child, Ellen, 
married Cliarles E. Home of Fram., and has Edwin Temple; 
EBENEZER, a merchant at New Orleans, married EMILY WIL- 
LARD of Boston, and died in 1831, aged 36, leaving a son and two 
daughters] SOPHIA, who died an infant. HE died in 1827, aged 
72. His widow is living in Fram., aged 84 ; and has given me much 
useful information. 

(From p. 24.) HANNAH HAVEN 4 , daughter of David 3 , son 
of Moses 2 , son of Moses 1 , died 30 Aug. 1803. She married 
NAHUM STONE in 1775, and had GREGORY ; ALBERT, living at 
Grafton ; DANIEL, living at Camb. ; and JOSIAH. 

DAVID HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, was killed 8 Oct. 1777, 
at the capture of Burgoyne, aged 17. 

JACOB HAVENS brother of the above, (Harv. Univ. 1785,) 
now in the ministry at Croydon, N. H. His wife's maiden name 
was ARMES. They had MOSES, living at Croydon ; HANNAH, 
who married a WHEELER, and is living at Newport, N. H. ; MI- 
RANDA, living in Canada, and a DAUGHTER, who died young. 

ABNER HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, living in Fram., in the 
house of his great grandfather, Deacon Moses Haven 1 . He married 
PRUDENCE EAMES in 1788. They had JERUSHA, born in 
1790, who married IRA TEMPLE, and lives in Southborough ; they had 
Elizabeth, Henrietta, Lucy, and Charles H. ; DAVID, born in 1791, 
who married SALLY COOLIDGE of Fram., and had JJmelia, Eliza, 
Mehitabel C., and Charles C. ; HITTY, born in 1794, who married 
JOHN WENZEL, ESQ. of Fram., and had Jlngeline, Charles //., 
Sarah French, Eliza Ellen, John, Henry, Jlbner H., and Mary. 
WILLARD, born 22 Jan. 1796, who married MILISENT HAVEN, 


his 4th cousin, and had Mary M., Prudence, Eames, Ellen Louisa, 
Milensie Olivia, Charles Willard, Ann Edwards, and Charlesette. 
LUKE, born in 1797, and died in 1803. ABNER, born in 1799, 
and died in 1803. CHARLES, born in 1800, and died in 1825 ; he 
married ELIZA NURSE, and had Mary JV*., and Eliza Charlesette. 
LOUISA, born in 1802, who married ELBRIDGE GALE of Fram. 
They had Louisa Haven, Prudence Eames, Jlbner Haven, and 
Hannah. ABNER, born in 1806, married MRS. MATILDA LORD, 
and is living, without children, in Boston. EMERSON, born in 1808, 
married SUSAN BACHELOR, and lives in Upton. 

WHIPPLE HAVEN 4 , brother of - the above, died many years 
since, without children. 

RICHARD HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, married SALLY 
INGRAHAM of Fram., and had RICHARD, who died aged 12. 
SALLY, who married a PIERCE, and had four children-, she also 
married a TWIZZANA, had two children, and is living in Lowell. JUBIL 
H., lives in Worcester, and has seven children. CAROLINE married 
a BARNES, lives in Lancaster, and has six children. WILLIAM J. 
lives in Bolton, and has four children. HARRIET, who first married 
a PERKINS, then a COLBACK, lives in Boston and has one child. 

MARTIN HAVEN 4 , brother of the above, married MILLY 
THOMPSON of Fram., and had MILLY, who died at Montreal; 
GEORGE, who died at Walpole, Mass. ; and METCALF, supposed to 
be living. 

(From p. 25.) SAMUEL HAVEN 4 , son of Jason', son of 
Mosesa, son of Moses 1 , (Harv. Univ. 1739), married BETSEY 
FOSTER, daughter of Bossenger Foster of Cambridge. They had 
ELIZA CRAGIE, 21 Jan. 1800, who died 10 Feb. 1826 ; CATHA- 
RINE DEXTER, 4 Jan. 1802, who married FRANCIS HILLIARD of 
Camb., a lawyer, by whom she has children ; SAMUEL FOSTER, 
(Am. Col. 1826), a lawyer, now Lib. of Ant. Soc. at Worcester. 
He married LYDIA B. SEARS, daughter of Rev. Mr. S. of Natick. 
She died in 1836, leaving a son, Samuel F. Judge HAVEN was 
Ch. Jus. of the C. C. Pleas in Nor. Co., and was Reg. of Prob. 
about 40 years. He is living in Dedham, aged 72. 

CATHARINE HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married REV. 
STEPHEN PALMER of Needham, (Harv. Univ. 1789), in 
May, 1794. They had CATHARINE, 5 April, 1795, now the wife 
of EDWARD RENOUF ; JOSEPH, 3 Oct. 1796, (Harv. Univ. 1820) ; 
he married CHARLOTTE GORHAM, who died leaving Eliza Haven ; 
SARAH E. the wife of RUFUS MILLS, has six. children. Mrs. 
PALMER lived a widow many years, and has lately died, aged 68. 
She had a taste for Genealogy, and furnished the author with much 
useful information. 

(From p. 25.) SARAH HEMENWAY 4 , daughter of Benja- 
min 3 , son of Sarah 2 , daughter of Moses 1 , married JONAS HUNT 


of Sudbury, and is now his widow. They had SARAH, who married 
ABEL SMITH of Sud., and has six children; GARDNER, married his 
cousin, LUCY RICHARDSON, of Sudbury, who died leaving two chil- 
dren. He next married LUCRETIA DAKIN, of Sudbury, and has 
two children by her ; LUTHER, married his 2cl cousin, ELIZABETH 
HUNT, of Sudbury, and has died, leaving five children ; SEWALL is 
living, together with his mother, in the paternal house. He married 
SOPHIA PUFFER, of Sudbury, and has jive children ; NEWELL, a 
twin with SEWALL, married SARAH EATON, of Sudbury ; no chil- 
dren living. 

(From p. 26.) JAMES METCALF 4 , son of Abial 3 , daughter 
of Daniel 2 , son of Moses 1 , married ABIGAIL HARDING, who 
died 3 Feb. 1815, aged 58. He next married OLIVE GILMAN, 
widow of Dea. Robert G., who is living in Franklin, aged 76. In 
1811, HE succeded his father, as Deacon of Dr. Emmons' Church, 
and died 18 July, 1843, aged 87. The children (all by the first 
WHITING, is a farmer in Franklin, having five children ALFRED 
(Brown Univ. 1802), was a lawyer in Portland (Me.), and after- 
wards a Judge of the Circuit Court in Kentucky. He resigned from 
ill health, and retired to Natches, Miss., where he died in 1819, 
unmarried, aged 38. See a very honorable notice of him in Am. 
Quarterly Reg. of 1840. ELIAB, was a painter of great promise. 
See notice of him, by Dunlap, in a volume entitled " Arts and 
Design." He married in New York city, in 1814, and had four 
children. For his health, he removed to the West Indies about 
1820, and died at Havanna in 1834, aged 48. JULITTA, married 
DEA. SAMUEL ALLEN in 1816, now of Medway Village, and has 
three sons. ELECTA, to whom I am indebted for a very intelligible 
account of this branch, inherits the house of her late father, and is 
living there with her step-mother. 

(From p. 27.) JOHN ALDIS HAVEN 4 , son of Asa 3 , son of 
Daniel' 2 , son of Moses 1 , married JULITTA RICHARDS, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Abel R., of Dedham, 1 Jan. 1797, where he stilllives. 
They had JULITTA, 20 Oct. 1797 ; JOHN PRESTON, 22 April, 
1800; and CALVIN WHITING, 4 Nov. 1803. JULITTA married 
DANIEL FULLER of Dover, and had Daniel, Edivard, David, and 
Jlndrew Jacksvn. JOHN PRESTON, bookseller, N. Y. married CAR- 
OLINE BAKER of Dedham, by whom he has, George Preston, (now 
a junior at College) ; Caroline Louisa, William Stewart, and Charles 
Dwig/it. His present wife was EMILY DRAPER of Greenfield, Mass. 
CALVIN WHITING, painter in Boston, married ADELINE SANGER 
of Roxbury, by whom he has George, Albert, Francis, and Charles. 
Mrs. JULITTA HAVEN died 9 Jan. 1807, aged 33. Her 
husband married SUSANNA WILLIAMS, widow of Capt. Isaac 
W. of Charlestown, 29 Dec. 1807 ; her maiden name was HOOP- 


ER ; by her he had MARY HOOPER, 3 March, 1810, who married 
NATHANIEL T. ELDRIDGE of N. Y., and had Mary Elizabeth and 
Charles Henry ; BETSEY NEWELL, 24 Jan. 1814, who married 
Rev. SOLOMON CLARK, of Petersham (Williams' Col. 1839)|; 
HARRIET, 22 April, 1816, who married CHARLES FISKE, son of 
Samuel Fiske, Esq., of Natick, and has Charles Preston, John Jl., 
and Harriet ; EUNICE ALLEN, 26 June, .1819, who married LEWIS 
HALL KINGSBURY of Dedham, and has Julia Haven. 

POLLY HAVEN 4 , sister of the above, married Rev. JOHN 
BAPTISTE PRESTON, late of Rupert, Vt. He died many 
years ago. She is still living, aged 67. They had NATHANIEL OG- 
DEN, settled in the ministry in Bennington, Vt. ; JOHN BOWERS, 
also a clergyman, settled in Attica, Genessee County, N. Y. ; MARY, 

married SMITH, Esq., .a lawyer in Gouverneur, N. Y. ; MARIA, 

married Rev. JOHNSON, late a missionary at Siam. They 

are both dead. JULITTA, married Rev. WILSON, and is now 

his widow. I am unable to learn where the father, or either of the 
sons, or sons-in-law graduated. The father was a native of New 
Jersey, and read Divinity with the Rev. Dr. Emmons of Franklin. 

(From p. 27.) JONATHAN LEL AND 5 , son of Lois 4 , daugh- 
ter of John 3 , and Susanna 3 , son and daughter of Elkanah 2 , and Su- 
sanna 2 , son and daughter of John 1 , and Moses 1 , married ELIZA- 
BETH KING, 4 July, 1798. She was daughter of William King, 
Esq., of Sutton, and was born 6 July, 1772; she died 30 Sept. 
1840. Their children were, SILENCE, 17 Sept. 1799 ; ELIZA, 30 
July, 1801 ; HORACE, 31 March, 1803, all living at Sutton, unmar- 
ried ; ALVAN, 20 Aug. 1805, lives at Roscoe, 111. He married 
SOPHIA WATERS, of Millbury, 30 Dec. 1834. She died without 
children, 26 April, 1838. He married JULIA JENKS, daughter of 
Dr. Jenks, of Adams, Mass. 23 July, 1840. They have Julia, 
born 15 Nov. 1841. REBECCA KING, 1 July, 1807, drowned, 29 
June, 1809 ; CATHARINE HAVEN, 9 May, 1809, married JOHN C. 
WHITEN of Northbridge, 30 May, 1831, and had George, 20 Oct. 
1832, died 1 Jan. 1833 ; Jane, 27 Jan. 1834 ; John Maltby, 10 
June, 1838 ; Frederic Dwight, 27 Aug. 1843. SOLOMON WIL- 
LIAM, 18 Nov. 1811, lives at Roscoe, 111., unmarried ; MARY MAX- 
WELL, 21 Feb. 1814 ; and SUSAN Lois, 3 July, 1616, both at Sut- 
ton, unmarried. JONATHAN LELAND, Esq., is living at Sut- 
ton, his native place, aged 75. He has freely afforded me the bene- 
fit of his extensive collection of Genealogical facts, relative to his 
ancestors, and their collateral kindred. 

SOLOMON LELAND 5 , brother of the above, married LOIS 
CUMMINGS of Sutton, 2 April, 1795. He is living at Dixfield, 
Me., having IRA, born in 1796, who married HANNAH ROWEL of 
Jay, Me., and has eight children, born from 1821 to 1840, all living 
with him at Dixfield ; viz. : Solomon Russell, Warren, Daniel Em- 


erson, Charles Emery, Augustus Strickland, Silas, Salisbury Row- 
el, and Mary Cummings. MARY CUMMINGS, born 28 June, 1797, 
died in Nov. 1831, unmarried ; ONE OTHER DAUGHTER, died an in- 

AZUBAH LELAND 6 , sister of the above, married PETER 
TRASK of Millbury, 30 Aug. 1778. She has lived there, his wid- 
ow, since 7 Oct. 1803. They had JULIA, in 1802, who is the wife 
of EMORY BOND of Millbury ; no children ; SUSAN HAVEN, in Feb. 
1804, who married Dr. JASON SPAULDING, of Dennysville, (Me.) 
They now live at Sharon, Vt., having Jason, Julia, who died young ; 
Helen Trask ; Edivard Leland ; and George, who died young ; all 
born from 1832 to 1841. 

SILAS LELAND 5 , brother of the above, married LUCINA 
BARTLETT, of Sutton, 27 Nov. 1805. They live in Nashville, 
Wash. Co. 111., and have CANDACE, living at Nashville, unmarried ; 
SILAS died, aged about 3 ; LUCINA married Mr. FLEMING, editor 
in 111. ; LAURINDA married Mr. SHEETS, of Nashville, and died, 
without children ; WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON, merchant at Nash- 
ville, married LYDIA R. GRAVES, of Kentucky. 

ABIGAIL LELAND, 5 sister of the above, married Dea. SYL- 
VESTER MORSE, of Sutton, 20 May, 1815. They had SYL- 
VESTER in Sept. 1816, who married LUCRETIA W. SLOCUM, of 
Sutton, 1 Dec. 1843, and is living in Sutton ; LUCY HUTCHINSON, 
in Aug. 1818, living with her mother, who has been a widow since 
Nov. 7, 1820; EDWARD WARREN, 17 Sept. 1820, who is a Phy- 
sician at Erving, Mass., unmarried. 

LOIS LELAND 5 , sister of the above, married NAHUM WIL- 
LARD CHAMBERLAIN, of Millbury, 12 May, 1814, and had 
LUCY ANN, in March, J815, who married JOSEPH MERRIAM 
MARCH, of Millbury, 29 June, 1843 ; JULIA AZUBAH, in May, 
1817, died 30 Dec. 1838, unmarried ; HORACE WILLARD, in Aug. 
1820 ; AUSTIN LELAND, in April, 1823 ; SUSAN ADELAIDE, in 
April, 1825 ; and CHARLES FRANKLIN, in 1828. The four last 
are living at Millbury, unmarried. 


Framing-ham, Dec. 30, 1843. 
DEAR Cousixs, 

The labor bestowed on the foregoing pages is more than compensated by the seeming 
acquaintance, which I have with you all. The coming year, as nearly as can be ascer- 
tained, will be the second Centennial Anniversary of the landing of our Common Ancestor, 
on the shore of Religious and Civil Liberty. Allow me respectfully to propose a meeting 
of his descendants, at this place, on the sixteenth of April next, at 2 P. M., to choose a 
Committee of Arrangements for a public celebration. 


The Genealogy of all the Graduates, by the name of HAVEN, at Cambridge, Dart- 
. mouth, Providence, and Amherst. 

Camb. 1733 *Rev. Elias, Wrentham ; Elder Joseph, Hop.; Dea. Moses, Fram. RICHARD. 
" 1737 *Nathan; Nathan, Fram.; John, Fram. RICHARD. 
" 1749 * Samuel, D. D., Portsmouth ; Joseph and Mehitabel, Fram.; John and Moses, 


" 1754 *Rev. Jason, Dedham ; Dea. Moses, Fram. ; Dea. Moses, Fram. RICHARD. 
" 1757 *John, Exeter ; Joseph and Mehitabel, Fram.; John and Moses, Fram. 


" 1765 *Rev. Thomas, Reading; Rev. Elias. See 1733. 
" 1772 * Samuel, Portsmouth, Merchant ; Samuel D. D. See 1749. 
" 1774 *Rev. Joseph, Rochester, N. H.; Dea. Joseph, Dover, Mass.; Elder Joseph, 

Hop. See 1733. 

" 1776 *Dr. John, Surgeon ; lost at sea ; brother of the preceding. 
" 1779 *Hon. Nathaniel Appleton, Portsmouth ; Samuel, D. D. See 1749. 
*' 1782 *Moses, died a Can. for the Min.; Isaac, Fram.; Dea. Moses, Fram.; Dea. 

Moses, Fram. RICHARD. 
" 1785 Rev. Jacob, Croydon, N. H.; David, Esq. Fram.; Dea. Moses, Fram.; Dea. 

Moses, Fram. RICHARD. 

" 1789 Hon. Samuel, Dedham ; Rev. Jason. See 1754. 

" 1804 Charles Chauncey, Merch. N. Y.; Samuel D. D., by 2d wife. See 1749. 
" 1807 "Nathaniel Appleton, Esq., Portsmouth ; Hon. Nathaniel Appleton. See 

" 1810 Rev. Joseph, Dennis, and Billerica ; Noah ; Dea. Joseph, Dover, Mass. 

See 1774. 

" 1813 John Appleton, Merch., N. Y.; John, Portsmouth ; Samuel D. D. See 1749. 
" 1820 Alfred Woodward, Esq., Portsmouth, brother of the preceding. 
" 1841 John ; John Appleton. See 1813. 
" 1842 "Horace Appleton ; Nathaniel Appleton, Esq. See 1807. Or thus, Eliza 

Wentworth ; John, of Portsmouth ; Samuel, D. D. See 1749. 
Dart. 1828 George Wallis; John, Portsmouth ; Samuel, D. D. See 1749. 
Prov. 1809 * William, Ezra, Fram.; Jesse, Fram.; Moses, Fram.; Nathaniel, Fram. 


Amh. 1826 Samuel Foster, Esq., Worcester : Hon. Samuel, Dedham. See 1789. 
" 1834 Rev. John, Stoneham ; Dea. John, Holliston ; Dea. Jesse, Hoi.; John, Hoi.; 

Elder Joseph. See 1733. 
" 1835 Rev. Joseph, Unionville, Hop.; Rev. Joseph. See 1810. 


The Genealogy of Descendants of RICHARD HAVEN, having other names, and who 
have graduated at Cambridge, Dartmouth, Providence, Amherst, Williams, Yale, 
Union, and Middlebury Colleges. 

Carnb. 1775 *Moses Hemenway, D.D., Wells; Sarah; Dea. Moses, Fram.; RICHARD. 
" 1771 *Rev. Moses Adams, Acton ; Lois ; Elder Joseph, Hop.; Dea. Moses, Fram. 

* 1791 * Joseph Bixby, Esq.; Sarah ; Jos. Esq. and Mehitabel, Fram.; John and 

Dea. Moses, Fram.; RICHARD. 
" 1792 Hon. John Locke, Ashby ; Mary; Joseph, Esq. and Mehitabel, Fram. See 

next above. 
" 1797 *Dr. Moses Adams, Ellsworth ; Rev. Moses. See 1771, Camb. Or thus; 

Abigail Stone ; Anne ; Jos. Esq. and Mehit. Fram. See 1791, Camb. 
" 1799 *Dr. William Ballord, Fram.; Anne Marshall; Mehitabel; Jos. Esq. and 

Mehit. See 1791, Camb. 

" 1801 Josiah Mams, Fram.; Rev. Moses. See 1771 and 1797, Camb. 
" 1803 * Joseph Adams, Esq.; West Cambridge, brother of the next above. 
" 1820 Dr. Joseph Palmer, Boston ; Catharine; Rev. Jason. See 1754 in preced- 
ing table. 

" 1822 William Joseph Adams, Teacher, Boston ; Dr. Moses. See 1797, Camb. 
" 1824 Hon. John Cochran Park, Boston ; Louisa Adams ; Rev. Moses and Abi- 
gail Stone. See 1771 and 1797, Camb. 
" 1826 Alexander J. Hamilton, Esq. N. Y.; Hannah ; Samuel, Esq., Shrewsbury ; 

Dea. Moses, Hop.; Elder Joseph, Hop. See 1771, Camb. 
" 1829 "Albert Locke, Esq., Lowell ; Hon. John. See 1792, Camb. 
" 1840 Benjamin Heywood ; Dr. Benjamin F. See 1812, Dart. 
Dart. 1797 Hon. Joseph Locke, Lowell ; Mary. See 1792, Camb. 

" 1798 *John Buckminster Fisk, Esq.; John, Esq., Fram,; Hannah ; Richard, 

Fram.; Dea. Moses, Fram. RICHARD. 
" 1802 * Moses Madison Fisk ; Moses, Fram.; Hannah. See next above. Or thus ; 

Elizabeth Bullard ; Elizabeth ; Richard, Fram. See 1798, Dart. 
" 1812 Dr. Benjamin F. Heywood, Worcester ; Mehitabel Goddard ; Anna ; Na- 
than, Fram.; John, Fram. RICHARD. 
" 1829 * Haven Ladd ; Maria T.; Hon. Nath'l A.; Samuel, D. D. See 1749 in 

preceding table. 
" 1835 Nathaniel Tracy Sheafe, Esq., Bellows Falls, Vt.; Mary ; Samuel, D. D., 

by 2d wife. 
" 1840 David Haven Mason, Esq.; Mary ; David, Natick ; Nathaniel, Hop.; 

Nathaniel, Fram. RICHARD. 
Prov. 1802 *Hon. Alfred Mctcalf ; Dea. James, Franklin ; Abial ; Daniel, Fram.; Dea. 

Moses. Fram. RICHARD. 
" 1817 *Benjamin F. Allen; Eunice; Asa; Daniel, Fram.; Dea. Moses, Fram. 

" 1337 Rev. Oliver Johnson Fisk, Nashville ; Isaac, Fram.; Moses, Fram. See 

1802, Dart. 
" 1841 Benjamin A. Edwards ; Anna; Ezra, Fram.; Jesse, Fram.; Moses, Fram.; 

Nathaniel, Fram. RICHARD. 

Will. 1840 James W. Brown, Fram.; Nancy Fisk ; John, Esq., Fram. See 1798, Dart. 
Yale. 1830 Rev. William W. Newell, late of E.Boston; Anna Whiting ; Mehitabel ; 

Daniel, Fram.; Dea. Moses, Fram. RICHARD. 
Union 1836 Daniel Stone, Esq., Pittsburg, Penn.; Hitty Bixby ; .^Sarah. See 1791, 

Mid. 1842 Ira Perry ; Abel, Natick; Asenath ; David, Natick; Nathaniel, Hop.; 

Nathaniel, Fram. RICHARD. 

NOTE. There is but little doubt that Martha, daughter of Nathaniel 1 , married her 
cousin Elder Joseph Haven, of Hopkinton. If so, fifteen others, in these tables, may 
also be traced to RICHARD, through his son Nathaniel. 



HAVEN, of Lynn, in the county of Essex, in the Province of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, in New England, being aged, and weak of body, yet God, 
of his goodness, affording to rne my right understanding, I take this op- 
portunity to make this My Last Will and Testament, as followeth. I 
resign up my spirit into the hands of my blessed Redeemer, the Lord 
Jesus Christ ; rny body to the earth, to be decently buried, at the discre- 
tion of my Executor, hereafter named; and, for my worldly estate, I Will 
and Bequeath as followeth : 

Imp. That all my just and honest debts be duly and honestly paid. 

I give to my son John Haven, five pounds in good pay, to be paid within two 
years after my decease, fifty shillings per year. 

I give to my son Nathaniel Haven, five pounds in good pay, to be paid within 
two years after my decease, fifty shillings per year. 

1 give to my grandson Joseph Haven, the son of my son Richard Haven, 
deceased, five shillings; the reason I give him no more is because I have given 
his father considerable before his decease. 

I give and bequeath to my son Moses Haven, his heirs and assigns, forever, 
my dwelling house and barn, and all that lot of land, where my house and barn 
now stands, excepting only so much as I, in this my will, give to my daughter 
Hannah Gooddell; also, I give to my son Moses Haven, his heirs and assigns, 
two lots of land lying in Rumney marsh, containing eleven acres at the least, 
with the full and just half of my lot of upland lying in RamsdelPs neck, so 
called, with all the privileges and appurtenances belonging to said house and 
lands, and all my moveable estate not disposed of in this my will ; and he to pay 
all the legacies herein mentioned. 

I give and bequeath to my daughter Hannah Gooddell the land her house 
stands on, and my little orchard, bounded westward by the land formerly Thomas 
Brown's ; southward, by the highway; eastward, as the fence now stands; north- 
ward, within two poles where the barn now stands ; my son Moses, to have half 
the fruit that shall grow upon the pippin tree, in said orchard, for seven years 
years after my decease; and my will is that the yard, that now lies open, shall so 
remain for the use of both houses; and after the decease of my daughter Han- 
nah Gooddell, then, if my son Moses Haven, or his heirs, shall see cause to pay 
to the heirs of my daughter Gooddell, the full value of the house my said daugh- 
ter now lives in, ancf the land said house stands on, and the said little or- 
chard, as shall be appraised by three indifferent men, if the parties cannot 
agree about the same, then my will is that the said house, orchard, and land, 
shall be to my son Moses Haven, and his heirs forever; or else, my will is that 
the said house, orchard, and land, as it is bounded, shall be to the heirs of my 
daughter Hannah Gooddell, and their heirs and assigns forever ; also I give to 
my daughter Hannah Gooddell, her heirs and assigns, the one full and just half 
of my lot of upland lying in Rainsdell's neck so called. 

I give to my son in law, John Tarbox, one shilling. 


I give to my daughter, Sarah Whitney, one cow. 

I give to my grandson, Westol Cogswell, one shilling. 

I give to my grand-daughter, Hannah Parker, twenty shillings. 

I give to my grand-daughter, Hannah Gooddell, my great iron kettle, and one 
brass pot, and one pewter platter. 

I give ten pounds in pay, to be divided equally among my son Moses Haven's 

I give ten pounds in pay, to be divided equally among my daughter Hannah 
Gooddell's children, to be paid within four years after my decease. 

1 give to my son, Nathaniel Haven, all my wearing clothes. 

Further, my will is that what legacies I have given in this my will, particu- 
larly mentioning pay, that so many of them as my executor shall see cause to 
pay in money, there shall be one third part abated of the sum that is therein 

I will and appoint my son, Moses Haven, my lawful and sole executor to this 
my last will and testament; and, for the confirmation hereof, I, the aforesaid 
Richard Haven, have set to my hand and seal, this twenty-first day of May, 
Anno Domini, one thousand seven hundred and one, in the thirteenth year of 
the reign of our sovereign lord, King William the third of England, &c. 


RICHARD X HAVEN, and seal. 

Signed and sealed in presence of us, 

Her mark. 

Approved 14 June, 1703. 

The substance of the will of Joseph Haven, son of Richard, Junior, 
may be seen at pages 8 and 9. 


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